Newest Radar people counting technology
Real-time people counting, data delivery via WiFi, privacy compliant, indoor and outdoor use, wide counting area, multiple counting lines and zones.
People counting system
People counters for retail stores, libraries, public premises, outdoor parks, toilets, and people counting system for shopping malls.
Remote monitoring system
The remote monitoring system SensGuard for controlling parameters of temperature and humidity in cold chain, grocery stores, warehouses, pharmacy, data centers, and greenhouses.
Customer survey system
Loyalty button for customer survey in retail stores, shopping malls, public locations, and bank offices.
Wireless alarm system
Wireless alarm system for inventory protection in retail stores, museums and art galleries.
Real-time people counting with online reporting
Automated people counting system for occupancy monitoring and real-time online reports. The system showing actual number of visitors on a tablet pc, laptop, smartphone, or TV.
Comparison of technology
Comparison of radar people counting technology vs video people counters
Features of radar sensor
Top 15 reasons why to choose SensMax TAC-B radar sensors for people counting


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SensMax develops and manufactures high-quality, modern devices for business with a convenient and intuitive interface for each device. We offer various device types to meet different requirements of the business. We use only modern technologies, modern developments, and the latest components. So you can “keep up with the times” with us!

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Installation of devices is fast and easy without special technical knowledge. SensMax offers everything to make installation time as little as it is possible. It takes 5-10 minutes to install any of our devices. By buying SensMax devices you are getting all-inclusive in the device kit even the smallest, but necessary parts - such as tape, bolts, brackets, etc. 

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SensMax software offers many useful reports for better understanding your business. It contains a variety of reports to meet all requirements. It is fast, convenient, modern, and intuitive. SensMax offers various options on how to deliver and view statistical data, both in our reporting systems, or integrate the data into your system.

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SensMax 2023 insights and Happy New Year

SensMax 2023 insights and Happy New Year

Pedestrians counting, bicycles counting outdoor

SensMax outdoor radar sensors with 4G modem


The anonymous counting of people by SensMax TAC-B sensor


People counting near objects by minimum dwell time


SensMax TAC-B radar people counting sensor supports IFTTT

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