TAC-B people counting sensors

SensMax TAC-B 4G outdoor people counting radar with built-in 4G LTE modem

Outdoor people counting radar sensor with built-in 4G modem. Real-time pedestrians and cyclists counting. Designed to work in any weather and light conditions. Counting area up to 100 square meters with up to 5 counting lines or zones.

SensMax TAC-B 3D-WP outdoor people counting radar

Outdoor radar sensor for real-time people counting. The sensor works in any light and weather conditions. It can count both pedestrians and cyclists in areas of up to 100 square meters using multiple counting lines and zones.

SensMax solar power system SPS20 for TAC-B people and bike counting radar sensors

Ready-to-use solar power system for powering outdoor radar sensors SensMax TAC-B 3D-WP and SensMax TAC-B 4G, assembled with the solar panel, inverter, cables. Max output 20W, battery tpe LiFePO4, working temperature -20°C to +65°C, waterproof IP67, capacity for sensor powering 64-85 hours without sunlight.

SensMax TAC-B 3D-W people counting sensor

Real-time mmWave radar type people counter delivers occupancy statistics to the server via WiFi connection. This wall mounting sensor controls multiple counting lines and zones within a detection area of 100 square meters.

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