People counting system for toilets

A people counting system for public toilets will help you detect visiting trends and schedule cleaning staff work according to occupancy intensity. Wireless sensors are elementary to install the people counting system in any indoor or outdoor location.
Cloud reporting
Cloud reporting
Online reporting platform with ready to use reports. Export data to any 3rd party software.
Timestamp feature
Timestamp feature
Visitors statistics provided per 5-minute time spans or in per-second statistics in a raw data format that helps to calculate certain occupancy trends for premises.
Automatic notifications
Automatic notifications
Get notified if the number of visitors reached the specified amount.
Wireless devices
Wireless devices
Save time and money by installing wireless people counting sensors that don’t need any cabling works.
Privacy compliant
Privacy compliant
The sensor is 100% GDPR/Privacy law compliant and detects people without filming them.

Description of people counting system for toilets

People counting solution for toilets helps you see occupancy statistics and trends of toilets in shopping malls, airports, smart-buildings, and any other public location. People counting in toilets helps adjust the cleaning staff work schedule according to occupancy trends. Detailed information about people traffic per hour, day, week, or month allows you to plan cleaning staff work more accurately and save staff-hour resources. You can set up automated email notifications for cleaners when the number of visitors reaches a specified amount.

The people counting system helps to determine the most popular locations and detailed occupancy trends. The system allows schedule cleaning staff to work according to the number of visitors individually for every place. Some sites don't need cleaning as much as they have now, and others may need cleaning more often because of many visitors. You can select the proper solution according to your project requirements with automatic data delivery to a server in real-time mode per 5 minute spans with an option to export per-second statistics in a raw database or hourly statistics updates. For non-electricity areas, there are wireless outdoor people counters with the extended memory of 250 days of hourly data, but with manual data reading from them.

wireless people counters for toilets

For this solution you can use several device combinations.

Real-time bidirectional mmWave sensors

SensMax TAC-B 

Real-time bidirectional infrared sensors

SensMax D3 TIMESTAMP (LR or SLR modifications)

Bidirectional sensors

SensMax D3 (LR or SLR modifications) 

Unidirectional infrared sensors

SensMax S1 (standard, LR, or SLR modifications) 

How people counting solution for toilets works

How people counting for toilets system works

People counting sensors used for toilets are wireless devices that work from standard AA batteries for up to 2 years. Wireless sensors measure bathroom visiting statistics 24/7 and deliver statistical information to a central server via LAN/Internet or WiFi Internet gateway. The most advanced data gateway can serve up to 30 people counting sensors in a range of 800m.

You can choose either using devices with real-time data updates or hourly updates. Statistical information is displayed per 5-minute spans or per hour, as well as you can see daily, weekly, and monthly reports. There is an option to place wireless people counting sensors in a robust plastic case waterproof and protect sensors from vandals.

People counting software options

People counting software for toilets


You could use a cloud-reporting portal to process data in various reports with the option to receive notifications via email or text-to-SMS service if the number of visitors reached a certain amount. The web reporting tool is accessible using a standard internet browser. If you need to install software and process the data locally, it is also possible. 

Local software installation gives you more reports and the option to integrate data from the SensMax people counting system into any 3rd party reporting software. Data export is available in CSV, XML, MySQL formats, and API data export from SensMax cloud reporting portal.


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