People counting system for retail stores

People counters for retail stores help to discover the number of potential customers visiting your retail stores. Easy to install customer counting system with centralized reporting and financial data import from POSes for customer conversion tracking. This customer counting system best fits for retail stores.
Wireless devices
Wireless devices
Save time and money by installing wireless people counting sensors that don’t need any cabling works.
Reliable solution
Reliable solution
Statistical data from people counters automatically delivered to the server using LAN or 3G data gateways, so no need to involve local staff in data collecting and processing process.
Flexible system architecture
Flexible system architecture
You can install reporting software on your servers or use SensMax cloud reporting portal.
Ready to use reports
Ready to use reports
More than 20 statistical, analytical and financial reports sorted by hour, day, week, month, quarter and year.
Financial data import and data export
Financial data import and data export
Option to import any data formats from POSes, as well as built in tools for automatic retail traffic statistics export to any 3rd party reporting software (SAP, ORACLE, 1C, etc).

People counting system description

Retail people counting system SensMax helps you to track the number of potential customers visiting your retail stores. Retail traffic counters accurately track visitors statistics and combine it with financial data from cash registers. It helps to determine how much sales revenue generated per visitor and the number of goods purchased per visitor. This data helps to track sales staff efficiency, analyze promotional activities success, and determine visiting trends to optimize qty of staff needed in stores. By installing SensMax retail traffic counters, you will have more data for business decisions related to marketing activities, staff work schedule, and salespeople efficiency that leads to profitability increase and improvements in operational efficiency.

SensMax customer counting system designed for gathering retail traffic statistics in a network of retail stores. People counting sensors are wireless devices, so it is easy to install them without any cabling works. Statistical data from wireless people counters delivered to a central server via LAN Internet or WiFi Internet gateways. You can see retail traffic statistics from the retail stores in 20+ ready to use statistical, analytical, administrative and financial reports. There is an option to set up financial data import from POSes using built-in data import constructor, as well as the option for automatic data export from customer counting system to any 3rd party reporting software in XML, CSV, MySQL data formats or export people counting statistics via API from SensMax cloud reporting portal.


For this solution you can use several device combinations.

Real-time bidirectional mmWave sensors

SensMax TAC-B 

Real-time bidirectional infrared sensors

SensMax D3 TIMESTAMP (LR or SLR modifications)

Bidirectional sensors

SensMax D3 (LR or SLR modifications) 

Unidirectional infrared sensors

SensMax S1 (standard, LR, or SLR modifications) 


How people counting system works

People counters for retail stores

Customer counting system consists of three components – wireless door counter sensors, the data gateway for data collecting from door traffic counters, and reporting software that displays data from door traffic counters in various reports. Wireless people counting sensorscount crossings on the entrance to the store and deliver statistical data to a central server using a data gateway every 20 minutes. 

People counting sensors work from standard AA batteries for up to 2 years and have internal memory for backing up 25 days of hourly data. The data gateway collects statistical information from many people counting sensors and delivers it to a server via LAN or WiFi connection. There arethree types of people counting devices and data gateways for different size stores with connectivity range 50m, 150m, and 800m. The data gateway has a backup memory for 2000 days of hourly data, which shared among serviced people counting sensors. 


Reporting software features

people counting software reports

Statistical data from people counters displayed in a reporting application within 20+ ready to use statistical, analytical and financial reports. There is an option to install reporting software on your servers or use SensMax cloud reporting service for data processing. 

Local people counting software installation gives the opportunity to import financial data from POSes and combine it with visitors statistics for the creation of conversion reports. As well as you can export people counting statistics to any 3rd party reporting software in XML, CSV or MYSQL data formats. 

Cloud reporting application stores data at SensMax servers, so you don’t need to build up any local IT infrastructure for statistical data storing and processing. Reporting software allows you to check customer traffic statistics, visiting trends, compare periods before and after marketing activities or sales staff training, check conversion rates, stores opening and closing times. 


SensMax devices

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