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SensMax is a European developer and manufacturer high quality solutions for business.

About us.

In 2010, three people came together with one idea-to start manufacturing high-quality, convenient, wireless products for industry. At that time, there was just one vision of all the resources, but it became the foundation for the future company.
For 2 years, painstaking yet very significant work has been going on - preparing for the start.

2012 year, the company was incorporated and acquired the name SensMax.
The first product that “SensMax” entered the market with was a manual people counting system. This system turned out to be in great demand, but it immediately became clear that everything needed to be automated so that the "human factor" could be removed and the collection of data from various objects much easier.

2013 year. Comes out the PC Pro system. It immediately won the hearts of many companies. But it was not destined to stay for many years and already in

2014 year released S1 Pro, LR, SLR sensors; D3 Pro, LR, SLR and TCPIP Pro, LR, SLR collector.
These models have proven to be so successful and easy to use that they are still the best-selling devices for small premises and small businesses. One minute installation, everything is ready to use, work from simple batteries for 2 years and a lot of interesting and necessary reports, what the managers of many countries love most of all, purchasing this system in their arsenal and a tool for business.

Of course, this system was modernized many times, improved, newer and more modern components were introduced, but the most important thing always remained - quick installation, accuracy of counting, many reports and of course all this without wires! 

No wires! 

This has long been the motto of the SensMax company, since the market was developing very strongly and enterprises needed a solution that did not require a lot of resources, neither money nor human.
In the second half of year 2014, the Wireless Alarm system goes on sale. An innovative solution in a security system, the heart of which is an innovative optical sensor that replaces the classic reed sensor.

2015 year. A year of software! In this year many new reports are introduced, servers and WEB are being modernized and updated. Software is the most important thing in any system, be it a counting system or a monitoring system. It is through the reports of various SensMax systems that all our clients can improve and influence their business. The software should be modern, fast, convenient, and intuitive. In the SensMax software, any entrepreneur sees feedback from their company. 
SensMax invests a lot of effort and money to ensure that the software is always modern and convenient. Often introduces new reports, depending on market requirements and the needs of enterprises. 
SensMax employs the best programmers who are not afraid of innovation and experimentation.
But 2015 year is not only about software development. In 2015, the monitoring system was launched. Products such as SensGuard MCP9808, SensGuard ENS210 are on sale.
SensMax company ceases to be a company producing only people counting systems, and begins to produce other interesting and necessary solutions for business.

2016 year. There are many inquiries about people counting through video cameras. The beginning of the development of a counting system through video surveillance. But this project was not destined to be published. The founders of SensMax are always very demanding on the quality and accuracy of counting. Each product undergoes thousands of tests before it goes on sale. There are very high requirements for any product. While developing the video cameras, the SensMax team realized that it was impossible to make a camera that would be accurate in counting, not demanding on light or other nuances, and would take no more than 5-10 minutes to install! It can’t be implemented by any video camera. The project was closed. But it was at that moment that the chief engineer of SensMax came up with an idea! An idea that will completely change the attitude towards the system of counting visitors. The SensMax company began to implement this idea. But more about this later, this idea will be with the company for many years to come….

2017 year. The following products are on sale: SensGuard DS1820 & probe, SensGuard PT 100 & probe, SensGuard PT 100 HA & probe.
The market demands quality from the seller, quality in service, quality in advertising, etc. Managers began to pay attention to personnel training and quality of service. The SensMax Customer Survey sensor comes out to help with this difficult task. The reports are integrated into the SensMax people counting system. This is becoming a very convenient and inexpensive quality control tool.

2018 year. The company is modernizing many systems. Expands sales markets. 
In the same year, the development is completed and the mass production of WiFi LR / SLR collectors begins.

2019 year. It has become difficult year  for many companies. The suddenly bursting virus easily demolished everyone's a usual way of life, broke many plans. SensMax realized that it was urgent to change and adapt to the changed market. ONLINE Reports are created: Live Report, Go-Stop Report. These reports are helping many companies in the fight against viruses by limiting customers in shops.

2020 year. Do you remember in 2016 year the chief engineer of SensMax had an idea in his head? Yes, it lived with him all these years and did not live simply, but he realized it. Yes, it was in 2020 that this idea materialized. The company launches the TAC-B sensor for sale. An innovative product with high counting accuracy, which is not afraid of light, fog, or other nuances that are afraid of the video camera.

2021 year. Development of the TAC-B sensor continues. This technology has a very wide range of applications. It allows not only counting people, but also tracking various objects in space, measuring their speed, classifying, etc.
OFFLINE system is released and LED screens integrated into SensMax systems are on sale.
The market dictates energy savings. All SensMax systems can be powered by solar energy. It turns out a ready-made and convenient solution for places where there is no access to electricity.

2022 year. TAC-B 3D will go on sale. Even more precision, even more possibilities to use.

2023 year. We want to implement so many ideas this year!
Implementation of the MQTT protocol in the monitoring system.
The development of the Wireless Alarm system.

In conclusion, I would like to say that this is only a small part of what has happened at SensMax over the years. And of course, I'll try to supplement this list and keep you informed!

I want to say to everyone who works in SensMax, all partners and dealers, all who started with us, everyone who for some reason left us, all of YOU thank you very much!
You're part of the story. Without you there would be no SensMax... or it would not be so bold, decisive, those who boldly learn all new things and always boldly take on even the most creative ideas! 
Thank YOU!

Zhenia Fivchuk 
Founder of SensMax

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