SensGuard VCNL4010 security sensor

SensGuard VCNL4010 security sensor
  • Control concept:
  • Control zone:
  • Range of communication:
    Up to 150m
  • Signal encryption:

SensGuard VCNL4010 wireless alarm sensor for object protection. Battery life 5 years.

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Wireless security motion sensor

SensGuard VCNL4010 is an anti-theft device wireless security sensor for object protection from unauthorized touch or movement and unauthorized door, shelf, or window opening. This ideal security wireless motion sensor alarm uses innovative optometric object control technology. The control distance from the wireless window security sensor to the guarded object is 2-3 cm.

Any unauthorized movement or opening of the protected object will cause a loud sound alarm from the alarm receiving device. Security alarm receiver produces 90dB loud sound signal and lights alarm zone where the violation happened. 

wireless security alarm system for shops

Easy and wireless installation allows using SensGuard VCNL4010 sensor at any location. You can install a small, elegant-looking wireless sensor security system towards any object – a window, a door, a showcase window, towards luxury jewelry, or a painting in an art gallery for secure anti-theft protection from unauthorized touching, opening, or movement of the secured object. 

Wireless security sensor SensGuard VCNL4010 is a one-peace device. Installation and setup takes only a few minutes. The security sensor has a built-in battery that is enough for 5 years working in 24/7 mode. 

SensGuard VCNL4010 security sensors advantages

  • Wireless setup – simple and easy installation.
  • Hacking protection –  optical sensor protected from magnetic and light influence.
  • Signal encryption –  wireless alarm sensors use AES128 encrypted communication channel.
  • Long battery life – built-in battery enough for 5 years operation.
  • One peace device – sensor using optometric object control, so it is excellent for installation at any location.

Wireless Security Sensor Applications

wireless-security-alarm-retail-shop-showcase.png Showcase alarm - window protection of valuable goods or jewelry in retail stores.

wireless-security-alarm-window-door-protection.png Window and door alarm - protection from unauthorized opening. 

wireless-security-alarm-museum-art-gallery-painting-protection.png Painting or any other art object protection from unauthorized movement.

Wireless Security Sensor Applications

SensGuard VCNL4010 Sensors Technical Details

ApplicationShowcase alarm, window opening alarm, door opening alarm, object protection from movement, object movement alarm, wireless security sensor, wireless alarm sensor, painting protection from movement, retail store alarm, mobile phone theft protection
Control concept Optometric object control
Control zone 20-30mm 
Range of communication Up to 150m 
Radio signal frequency 868MHz 
Encryption AES-128 
Power supply Built-in Li-Ion non flammable IEC86-4 safety standard battery 400mAh non rechargeable
Battery life  5 years 
Dimensions 55x12x27mm

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