People counting system

People counters for retail stores help to discover the number of potential customers visiting your retail stores. Easy to install customer counting system with centralized reporting and financial data import from POSes for customer conversion tracking. This customer counting system best fits for retail stores.
Outdoor pedestrian counting system for parks, recreational facilities, and trails help you to detect the number of people visiting the public location, as well as tracking visiting trends. Outdoor pedestrian counting system helps to schedule staff work and maintenance activities and gives you information for grant proposals and investment calculations.
People counting solution will help you to detect visiting trends, count people per mall zones and floors, identify how many visitors are in particular areas of the building in real-time mode, as well as to check occupation history in 5 minute time spans or per-second if raw data export used.
People counting system for public toilets will help you to detect visiting trends and schedule cleaning staff work according to occupancy intensity. Wireless sensors are elementary to install the people counting system in any indoor our outdoor location.
Visitor counting system SensMax will help you to record amount of people visiting your library or museum, as well as to determine premises occupancy trends. People counting system helps to understand how people are using your facilities as well as gives you accurate people count for funding purposes.
People counters for conference rooms is a useful tool for office space management. People counting system shows premises utilization and occupation trends, such as how many people occupied the room, how often, and at what time. Facility managers can use these statistics to track if meeting rooms used efficiently.
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