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Each year more than 1,000 stores and shopping centers are equipped with the people counting system SensMax! Some of our clients:


Do you want to buy the people counting system SensMax?

You can buy the people counting system for retail stores or shopping centers from a representative at your country or directly by contacting to a head office of SensMax. Our experts will help you to choose the most appropriate people counting system and answer all possible questions. 

Why there is a need to count visitors using people counting system?

SensMax people counting system will give you opportunity:

  • To collect statistics of attendance;
  • To track and analyze visiting trends;
  • To acknowledge conversion rates how many visitors become buyers;
  • To evaluate effectiveness of your sales team;
  • To act in different ways & control results of your activities!


Counting of visitors is an important part of any retail business. People counting systems are used to estimate trends of attendance, to schedule staff work, to manage sales staff performance, to evaluate the effectiveness of promotions and marketing activities, as well for optimal organization of the sales object, in accordance with trends in attendance. Visitors counting makes the most efficient use of resources - people, time and money, which, in effect, leads to higher profits.

What does it mean?

•If you do not track of attendance trends stores - you are losing money!

•If you do not track the impact of advertising campaigns on visitors traffic in stores – you are losing money!

•If you do not track the performance of sales through conversion of how many visitors become buyers – you are losing money!

Want to earn more profits – order and install SensMax people counting solution!

You will get an additional tool to increase the efficiency of your business. With the help of SensMax people counting solution you can track and increase the conversion rate of visitors become customers by 10 %, 15 % or even 25 %, which is a very significant figure in additional turnover and in additional revenue. You can easily count how much it is in real money for your business. If you like the number of increased revenue - order SensMax people counting solution! Order SensMax people counting solution and we will give you a chance to test it in your store before purchasing. Order SensMax people counting solution and we will help you with the implementation - both from the physical installation of devices in your shops, and the consultation on the implementing solution in your business processes!

Why choose SensMax people counting system? 

SensMax company has years of experience in the development and implementation of  people counting systems. The company specializes in  people counting systems for geographically distributed network of retail stores. Our visitors counting systems are developed with the direct participation of our clients, given their particular needs and business processes. You will get convenient wireless installation of elegant looking devices, functionality and diversity of reporting, and reliability of the components of the system allows our customers to get a powerful tool to estimate the parameters of the business for the effective price. We have done projects in 17 countries already.

  • Best value - SensMax is a manufacturer of all components of the people counting system, which significantly affects the cost of the overall solution.

  • Easy installation - Wireless people counters with the work term of AA batteries up to 2 years, the installation of which does not require construction works on the assembly of the data cables and power cables. People counters are attached with a special adhesive tape. No complicated wiring and assembly works for the installation of visitor counters are required!

  • Trusted devices working without regular servicing - the people counting system is completely independent of the availability and use of a local computer for data collection and transmission, that greatly reduces service costs to support efficiency, and significantly increases the resilience of the system. The people counting system has implemented an anti-tamper protection of people counters and independent monitoring of the efficiency of all system components.

  • Automated operation - the data collector collects statistics from people counters by radio channel automatically and sends the data to the head office by connecting to a local network or via the GPRS connection, using the network of mobile operator. Statistics of the people counting system is updated every 15 minutes.

  • Functional reporting - more than 20 pieces of statistical, analytic, administrative and financial reports are available in the people counting system, that allows to conduct an objective analysis of the object, that helps to adopt and effectively implement management decisions. People counting system supports an import of financial data from the database of cash registers or an export of data in XML and CSV formats for use of the information in the third reporting systems (SAP, 1C, and others).

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