SensMax TAC-B 4G outdoor people counting radar with built-in 4G LTE modem

SensMax TAC-B 4G outdoor people counting radar with built-in 4G LTE modem
  • Operation principle:
    mmWave 60GHz radar
  • Internet connection :
    4G LTE / WiFi
  • Control zone:
    Up to 100m² area, 10m wide pathways, 120° viewing angle
  • Qty of control zones:
    Up to 5 user-defined counting lines and zones
  • GDPR/Privacy law:
    Anonymous people counting, 100% compliant, no filming
  • Enclosure :
    Polycarbonate plastic, IP65 protection

Outdoor people counting radar sensor with built-in 4G modem. Real-time pedestrians and cyclists counting. Designed to work in any weather and light conditions. Counting area up to 100 square meters with up to 5 counting lines or zones.

Price 1200 EUR

Outdoor People Counting Radar For Pedestrians and Cyclists

SensMax TAC-B 4G outdoor people counting sensor dedicated for pedestrians and cyclists counting on city streets, in parks, on walking trails and any other outdoor locations. 

Counting people outdoors is very challenging because of constant light and weather environmental changes. The SensMax TAC-B 4G sensor allows the detection of pedestrians in any environmental conditions. It will work in bright sun, shady evenings, and even without light in the nighttime.  Advanced mmWave radar technology allows to count pedestrians and cyclists in any weather conditions such as fog, rain, or snow. The robust and waterproof and dustproof case doesn’t require any cleaning service.



SensMax TAC-B 4G outdoor people counter has up to 100m2 detection area and supports up to 5 counting lines or zones. It can control up to 10m wide pathways. The sensor works in real-time and can detect object movement direction and speed. Outdoor people counting sensor works in real-time and can be used for tracking the number of pedestrians and cyclists crossing the counting line, as well as it can detect the number of people in the counting zone, for example in front of a traffic light. 

The SensMax TAC-B 4G sensor is delivering people counting statistics to a cloud reporting portal using a 4G modem that is built in the same case as the sensor. The sensor is 100% GDPR/Privacy law compliant as it is counting people anonymously using no-filming radar technology. Installation on a sidewall or a pillar is quick and easy. The sensor has advanced fine-tuning settings which you can use to adjust pedestrians counting accuracy according to pedestrians traffic intensity, the height of installation, the width of the pathway, and objects' movement speed. Advanced movement direction prediction algorithm allows counting pedestrians even at open space locations without any specific entrance or pathway. 

The SensMax TAC-B 4G sensor supports IFTTT and SHELLY webhooks, so you can use it for any city automation IF/THEN scenarios. For example - IF there are 10 people detected in a counting area THEN add a record to a google sheet + send a Telegram message + switch on a light. 

The sensor works in real-time and delivers pedestrians counting statistics to an online reporting portal with many ready-to-use reports using 4G mobile internet. Enjoy ready-to-use online reports or connect the data with any 3rd party reporting system using API data export. Additionally, it is possible to send the data from the sensor directly to your servers using the MQTT protocol. This option allows the integration of pedestrian and cyclist counting statistics into any custom reporting tools without connecting devices to the SensMax cloud. 


TOP 15 reasons why to choose SensMax TAC-B radar sensor for people counting


SensMax TAC-B outdoor people counting sensor

Applications of SensMax TAC-B 4G outdoor people counting radar sensor


Outdoor people counting in parks, walking trails, and pedestrian and cyclists counting on city streets for tracking the number of people using particular routes. It helps in planning cleaning and maintenance schedules, understanding the popularity of events, and proving necessary funding amounts. The sensor can be placed in a robust plastic box and a power bank for temporary installation at outdoor events. It stores data into internal memory or can deliver it online in real-time mode using any WiFi hotspot, i.e., shared internet connection from a mobile phone or GSM modem.


Queue management for outdoor projects helping to maintain high quality and fast service for customers. It helps track social distance, the density of people traffic, queue detection, occupancy management per zone at any location. Easy installation and privacy-compliant people detection without filming makes the sensor one of the best choices for queue management.

SensMax TAC-B 4G Technical Details

Application Outdoor people counting, City street people counting, Pedestrians counting, Bicycles counting, Queue management, People counting in parks
People counting technology Advanced mmWave radar technology 60Ghz
People counting options Up to 5 user-defined counting lines and zones  
Occupancy monitoring Per sensor zone, per group of sensors  
Installation options  Sidewall or pillar mounting at height 2.5m  
Case Polycarbonate plastic, IP65 protection
Counting accuracy Up to 99% detection of one person per 1 m2, and >93% for crowded areas with 3 persons per 1 m
Detecting area  10m range, 120° viewing angle (100m2)
GDPR/Privacy lawAnonymous people detection, 100% compliant, no filming 
Notifications & Reporting Telegram messenger API support, MQTT protocol support, Email notifications, and online reporting if the sensor connected to cloud reporting system 
Internet connection

4G LTE Modem  
LTE-TDD: B34/B38/B39/B40/B41
GSM: 900/1800

WiFi 2.4 GHz

Storage & Backup  Micro SD card 16GB
Power  12VDC/0.5A
Dimensions  120x120x45 mm  



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