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Optimize your city's public transportation with accurate people counting on bus stops using SensMax TAC-B 4G Radar and SPS20 Solar Power System. Enhance passenger experience, improve route planning, and make data-driven decisions for a smarter urban traffic planning.

People Counting on Bus Stops with SensMax TAC-B 4G Sensor and SPS20 Solar Power System

Public transportation is the lifeline of cities, providing mobility and accessibility to millions of passengers daily. Bus stops serve as crucial transit points where passengers board and disembark buses, making them a focal point for managing urban transportation effectively. Accurate and real-time data on passenger footfall at bus stops is essential for transport companies and city planners to optimize routes, enhance passenger experience, and make data-driven decisions to improve public transportation systems. To meet this demand, SensMax presents an innovative solution combining the TAC-B 4G Radar Sensor and the SPS20 Solar Power System, designed for people counting on bus stops.


People Counting on Bus Stops


Why Count People on Bus Stops?

  • Route Optimization. By analyzing passenger footfall data, it is possible to identify heavily frequented bus stops, and optimize bus routes and schedules effectively.
  • Service Level Assessment. People counting enables the evaluation of service levels at bus stops, ensuring sufficient capacity and options to accommodate passenger needs.
  • Real-time Decision-making. Access to real-time data allows immediate responses to fluctuations in passenger numbers, leading to better resource allocation and operational efficiency.
  • Infrastructure Planning. Data-driven insights assist city planners in identifying areas for infrastructure improvement and investment, such as additional shelters or seating.
  • Transportation Equity. Tracking passenger footfall ensures better distribution of transportation resources across different locations.


People Counting on Bus Stops: Enhancing Public Transport Experience with SensMax TAC-B 4G Sensor and SPS20 Solar Power System


Key Benefits of SensMax TAC-B 4G Sensor and SPS20 Solar Power System for Bus Stop People Counting

  • Accurate and Reliable Data. SensMax TAC-B 4G Radar Sensor utilizes advanced mmWave technology, ensuring highly accurate and reliable people counting results in all weather conditions, even during rain, fog, or snow.
  • Wide Detection Area. The TAC-B 4G Radar offers a wide detection area of up to 100 square meters with a 120° viewing angle, enabling comprehensive counting of passengers at busy bus stops.
  • Bi-Directional Counting. The sensor supports bi-directional people counting within multiple zones, differentiating incoming and outgoing passengers.
  • Real-Time Data Delivery. With its 4G connection, the TAC-B 4G Radar provides real-time footfall data to a server.
  • Privacy Compliance. The sensor is fully GDPR/Privacy law compliant, ensuring data collection without compromising passenger privacy.
  • Easy Integration. SensMax TAC-B 4G Radar is equipped with MQTT protocol support, enabling integration with other transportation management systems for data sharing and analysis.
  • Long Battery Life. The TAC-B 4G Radar operates on battery power provided by SensMax  SPS20 Solar Power System for uninterrupted and sustainable operation for up to 65-85 hours.
  • Weatherproof and Durable. The SPS20 Solar Power System's IP67 protection ensures it can work in any weather conditions, making it ideal for outdoor people counting.
  • Cost-Effective Solution. Combining the TAC-B 4G Radar Sensor with the SPS20 Solar Power System offers a cost-effective people-counting solution with long-term operational benefits.


As cities strive for more sustainable, efficient, and people-centered transportation systems, accurate people counting on bus stops becomes part of daily life. SensMax's innovative solution, combining the TAC-B 4G Radar Sensor and the SPS20 Solar Power System, empowers city planners with real-time, reliable data to optimize bus routes, improve passenger experience, and ensure better public transportation services. With its new radar technology and eco-friendly design, the SensMax solution makes public transport smarter, more accessible, and more efficient for all.

For more information about the SensMax TAC-B 4G Radar and SPS20 Solar Power System, download the product booklets and datasheets from the SensMax website. Discover the benefits of smart city footfall counting and explore the power of data-driven insights for enhancing urban living.


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