Visitor survey system for toilets

Visitor survey system SensMax helps to get visitor feedbacks about cleanliness in toilets. This system helps to improve the quality of service and customer experience.
Wireless devices
Wireless devices
Customer survey button is the wireless device that works from standard AA batteries.
Long battery life
Long battery life
Visitor survey buttons battery life is up to 2 years.
Anti-SPAM filter
Anti-SPAM filter
Intelligent digital algorithm filters out spam pressings to any of emotions.
Flexible system architecture
Flexible system architecture
You can install reporting software on your servers or use SensMax cloud reporting portal.
Easy istallation
Easy istallation
Wireless survey button is easy to install without any cabling works.

Description of visitor survey system for toilets

Visitor survey system for toilets helps to collect visitor feedbacks about service quality and cleanliness. 

There are wireless buttons with three smileys used for the visitor feedback collection. 

Visitor survey button is a wireless device that is easy to install on a table or stick it to a wall. Installation takes some seconds only. 

There is an option to attach the visitor survey button to a plastic question holder if you need to get visitor replies to a specific question. 

Visitors are responding to your question by pressing dedicated emotion icons – angry, sad or happy. For more accurate results there is a built-in filter that ignores spam pressings. 

Statistical data from the survey buttons delivered to a central database via Internet or Mobile Internet using LAN or WiFi data gateways from SensMax. 

One data gateway can serve up to 30 wireless survey buttons in a range of up to 800m.

You can check visitor replies statisticswithin online reporting portal or install reporting application on a local PC. 

If there is a need to integrate visitor survey data to any 3rd party reporting tool, then it is possible to do, as SensMax software supports data export in XML, CSV or MYSQL formats or via API, in case of web integration needed. 

visitor survey system for toilets

How visitor survey system for toilets works

visitor survey system for toilets

Visitor survey system for toilets consists of wireless buttons with smileys, a data gateway, and reporting software.

Visitor survey buttons are wireless devices that work from standard AA batteries for up to 2 years. You can use buttons together with a plastic question holder or standalone. 

The survey button records feedback statistics and deliver it to a central database using SensMax gateway via a local area network or WiFi internet. 

You can choose from two types of visitor survey buttons – with daily statistics update or real-time statistics delivery to the server. 

Visitor survey button is wireless, so it is easy to install it without any cabling works. Just stick it to any surface, and it will work. 

visitor survey system reporting software

Statistical data from visitor survey system processed in SensMax EasyReport application or SensWeb cloud reporting portal. 

Local customer survey software installation gives you an option for survey data integration within any 3rd party reporting tools. 

Reporting application SensMax EasyReport displays visitor survey statistics in graphicaland tabular reports per every toilet or a group of toilets. 

You can see reports with the daily summary of all replies or track trends within per-5-minute time spans if real-time visitor survey buttons used. 

Visitor survey data is compatible with SensMax people counting system data, so you can view people visiting statistics and survey statistics within combined reports. 


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