Improving Healthcare Services with SensMax Client Survey System

SensMax has developed a client survey system designed specifically for hospitals and healthcare organizations. This system makes it easy to collect feedback, helping healthcare providers enhance their services and patient experiences.


What is the SensMax Client Survey System?

The SensMax client satisfaction survey system is made for healthcare settings. It features wireless survey buttons with three smiley icons: bad, medium, and happy. Patients and visitors press these buttons to share their feedback. If needed, questions can be printed and attached to the buttons for clarity.


Features and Benefits

SensMax customer survey buttons are wireless and use standard AA batteries that last up to two years. This means there's no need for complex wiring, and installation is quick and easy. The buttons can be placed on tables or stuck to walls with double-sided tape, making the setup process very simple.

One of the key advantages of the SensMax system is its flexibility in data management. You can install the reporting software on local servers for integration with hospital management systems, or you can store and access data via the SensMax cloud reporting portal, SensWeb.

The system also includes an anti-SPAM filter. This intelligent digital algorithm ensures that only genuine feedback is recorded, filtering out any spam pressings.


How It Works

The client survey system includes wireless feedback buttons, a data gateway, and reporting software. Here’s how it operates:

Patients and visitors press the smiley icons on the wireless buttons to provide their feedback. The button records these pressings and sends the data to a central server using SensMax gateways, which connect through LAN/Internet or WiFi.

Each gateway can manage up to 30 survey buttons within a range of up to 800 meters. There are different button models for various room sizes, offering connectivity ranges of 50m, 150m, and 800m.


Integration and Compatibility

The SensMax client survey system integrates smoothly with existing hospital management systems. It supports data export in XML, CSV, or MySQL formats and can be linked to third-party web applications via API. The system is also compatible with the SensMax people counting system, which allows healthcare providers to combine visitor statistics with feedback data for more comprehensive reports.


SensMax's client satisfaction survey system offers a reliable and efficient way for healthcare organizations to gather valuable feedback from patients and visitors. With easy installation, long battery life, and flexible data management options, SensMax helps healthcare providers improve their service quality and patient experience. By using this system, hospitals can make informed decisions based on accurate and timely feedback, leading to better healthcare outcomes.

Improving Healthcare Services with SensMax Client Survey System
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