Smart Building Management Using SensMax TAC-B 3D-W Indoor Radar Sensors

In the era of smart technology, managing buildings efficiently has become crucial for reducing operational costs. The SensMax TAC-B 3D-W indoor radar sensor offers precise and reliable people counting and movement tracking.

What is SensMax TAC-B 3D-W people counting radar sensor?

The SensMax TAC-B 3D-W sensor is a high resolution radar device designed for indoor people counting in realtime. It operates in the mmWave range, which allows it to track the movement of people with high accuracy in real-time, regardless of lighting conditions on premises. It can work in bright light, semi-light and no-light areas without loosing people counting accuracy.

Key Features of SensMax TAC-B 3D-W

  • The sensor provides accurate people counting data even in low light or poor visibility conditions.
  • With a viewing angle of 120° and a range of 10 meters, it can monitor up to 100m² per sensor.
  • It offers real-time tracking and people counting, which is essential for decision-making.
  • The sensor collects anonymous data, ensuring 100% compliance with GDPR and privacy laws.
  • Requires only a Wi-Fi connection and power to start functioning, with flexible sidewall installation options.


How SensMax TAC-B 3D-W Helps With Smart Building Management

  • Optimizing Energy Usage. One of the primary benefits of using SensMax TAC-B 3D-W sensors in smart buildings is the ability to optimize energy usage. By accurately counting the number of people in different areas, the building management system can adjust lighting, heating, and cooling systems based on real-time occupancy data. This not only saves energy but also reduces operational costs.
  • People Counting in Washrooms. SensMax TAC-B 3D-W sensors provide detailed insights into washroom usage. The system can trigger cleaning notifications based on actual usage rather than a fixed schedule by tracking the number of visitors. This ensures that facilities are cleaned as needed, maintaining hygiene standards and improving user experience.
  • Real-Time Meeting Room Occupancy Tracking. The sensors enable real-time tracking of meeting room occupancy, allowing building managers to monitor room usage effectively. This helps optimize space utilization, ensure that rooms are not left vacant when they can be used, and prevent double bookings. It also aids in better planning and allocation of meeting spaces.
  • Automating Actions with IFTTT Webhooks. Collecting detailed visitor statistics allows for advanced automation through webhooks. Building management can automate various actions based on occupancy data by integrating SensMax TAC-B 3D-W sensor data with third-party software. For example, it can adjust room temperature when a meeting starts, send notifications when specific areas reach a certain number of visitors or trigger maintenance alerts based on usage patterns.
Smart Building Management Using SensMax TAC-B 3D-W Indoor Radar Sensors
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