SensGuard PT100 wireless temperature sensor

SensGuard PT100 wireless temperature sensor
  • Temperature range:
    -50℃ ..+ 200℃
  • Measurement accuracy :
  • Measurement resolution :
  • Measurement period :
    5 minutes
  • Battery type :
    2xAAA batteries, replaceable
  • Battery life:
    5 years+
  • Temperature probe length:
    1.5 m

SensMax SensGuard PT100 wireless temperature monitoring sensor for remote temperature ranges of –50°C to +200°C. Accuracy ±0.2℃. Resolution 0.1℃.

Price 149 EUR*
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Wifi Temperature sensor with probe

Wireless temperature sensor with probe SensGuard PT100 was designed for temperature monitoring in a range of -50°C and up to +200°C. This sensor measures temperature with ±0.2℃ accuracy and 0.1℃ resolution using a 1.5 m temperature probe. It is powered by standard AAA type batteries for at least 5 years.

Temperature measurement logs are delivered from the sensor to a server every 5 minutes using LAN/Internet gateways.

Wireless sensor connectivity range to the data gateway is up to 150m. 

wireless temperature sensor with probe sensmax pt100 how it works

The data gateway reads measurements from the multiple temperature data loggers with sensor probes and forwards them to the SensWeb online monitoring portal. You can see statistical information in various reports both per each sensor or a sensor group.

Min/max temperature settings for each sensor, as well as the option to set up allowed violence time allows creating a flexible monitoring environment and the user will get essential alarms only, avoiding short-term violations. Find more information about online temperature monitoring software here. 


wireless temperature sensor with waterproof probe

Wireless temperature sensor advantages

  • Wireless setup – simple and easy installation without any power cables.  
  • Notifications –  option to set up min/max allowed temperature ranges and got notifications if parameters are out of defined parameters. 
  • Accurate measurement – a digital thermometer for temperature monitoring with accuracy ±0.2℃.  
  • Long battery life – battery powered temperature sensor works for 5+ years using two AAA batteries. 
  • Temperature probe – long temperature probe allows measuring temperatures in hardly accessible areas.

Wireless temperature sensor with probe applications

WarehousesExtreme low temperatures
and excessive heat monitoring in a factory.

Extreme environment temperature monitoringExtreme environment
temperature monitoring.

Machinery temperature monitoringMachinery
temperature monitoring.

Industrial freezer temperature monitoringIndustrial freezer
temperature monitoring.

Heating and baking equipment temperature monitoring in the food industryHeating and baking equipment
temperature monitoring in the food industry.

HVAC systems temperature monitoring.HVAC systems
temperature monitoring.

Laboratories and Pharmacy temperature monitoringLaboratories and Pharmacy
temperature monitoring.

wireless temperature sensor with probe

SensGuard PT100 technical details

Application Heat monitoring, freezer temperature monitoring, temperature control in liquids, deep freeze quipment temperature monitoring, wireless temperature sensor, baking equipment temperature control, temperature controller for laboratories
Temperature range -50℃ ..+ 200℃ 
Temperature probe length1.5 m
Measurement accuracy ±0.2℃
Measurement resolution 0.1℃
Measurement period 5 minutes 
Battery type 2xAAA
Battery life 5 years 
Communication frequency 868MHz 
Communication range Up to 150m 
Data signal encryptionAES128 
FixtureDouble-sided adhesive tape or mounting bracket 

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