HVAC temperature monitoring for commercial buildings

HVAC temperature and humidity monitoring system allows you to control environmental parameters in a building in real-time. It helps you to maintain optimal air temperature and humidity levels and reduce electricity costs.
Good for office buildings
Good for office buildings
Controlling heating, ventilation, and cooling system work issues and balancing heating and air conditioning helping to maintain a comfortable and healthy interior environment.
Timely identification and prevention of problems
Timely identification and prevention of problems
Receive real-time alerts before small issues turn into big, expensive problems.
Monitor anywhere & anytime
Monitor anywhere & anytime
Control the property and the products stored therein 24/7 via the Internet.
Lower costs
Lower costs
Reduce costs associated with maintaining an HVAC system and prevent costly damage to the property or stored equipment.
Save time and resources
Save time and resources
Remote monitoring system tracks temperature and humidity automatically, thus, there is no need for manual checking.

Description of the online HVAC temperature and humidity monitoring system

Cooling, heating, cooling/, and heating/humidification are the four main functions of the HVAC units. SensMax temperature and humidity monitoring system helps you to control HVAC real parameters and maintain proper temperature and humidity levels in a building. 

The remote monitoring system reads temperature and humidity levels and displays them at online reporting portal. You can tune up your HVAC system to maintain optimal environmental conditions and reduce electricity costs. The systems help to detect failures in the HVAC equipment at the early stage before they turned out into expensive problems. 

The remote monitoring system works in real-time mode. You can setup min/max temperature ranges for every sensor, as well as allowed violation time. The system will send you the alert via email or SMS (optional) if any of parameters stay out of the range longer than specified. 

You can choose from waterproof temperature and humidity sensors for indoor and outdoor installation, as well as temperature sensors with a probe for measuring a full range of temperatures in hardly accessible areas. Statistical information from the sensors displayed at an online reporting portal where you can see actual readings as well as a full history of events. 

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How HVAC monitoring system works?

HVAC remote temperature and humidity monitoring system work

HVAC temperature and humidity monitoring system uses wireless battery powered sensors for environmental parameters reading. 

Data from the monitoring sensors delivered to the cloud reporting application via a LAN/Internet gateways. 

One data gateway collects statistical information from the wireless sensors in up to 150m radius. It is possible to extend the connectivity range to up to 500m using signal repeaters from SensMax.

The data gateway supports statistics collection from up to 250pcs of wireless sensors. It has an internal memory for short-term backup that prevents data leakage in case of any internet connectivity failures.

Wireless sensors read temperature and humidity levels and deliver information to the online reporting application every 5 minutes.

You can use waterproof sensors for temperature and humidity monitoring indoor or outdoor within a range of -20℃...+55℃ or temperature sensors with a probe that designed for a broader range of temperatures.


Online reporting software features

remote humidity and temperature control for smart buildings

Temperature and humidity stats from the wireless sensors displayed at the online reporting portal, so you can access it from anywhere using a PC, a tablet or a mobile phone. 

You can seeactual temperature and humidity parameters for every sensor, as well as a full history of events. 

There is an option to set up proper min/max temperature and humidity parameters for every sensor and get notifications to email or via SMS (optional) if any of them are out of range for a predefined time. 

Each user has an individual notification schedule, i.e., manager of the building can have a monthly summary of problems detected, but a technical engineer can get notifications in 5 minutes after the problem identified for 24/7.

The sensor-on-map feature allows uploading a map of the building and place sensors on it for easy and fast identification of the problematic area. 

Low-cost wireless sensors and advanced online reporting system make SensMax solution an excellent choice for HVAC systems monitoring.


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