High accuracy temperature monitoring for refrigerators in pharmacies and laboratories

Remote temperature monitoring system for pharmacies and pharmaceutical warehouses provides detailed information about medical products storage temperature and humidity levels. You will be notified immediately if any of controlled parameters are out of allowed ranges.
Reduce spoilage of the pharmacy products
Reduce spoilage of the pharmacy products
The key personnel is receiving real-time alerts via email or SMS if refrigerator humidity or temperature is out of allowed range.
Monitor environment from anywhere
Monitor environment from anywhere
Access to the remote monitoring system for 24/7 via the Internet.
Conform to regulatory compliance
Conform to regulatory compliance
Tracking refrigerator’s temperatures helping you to comply with Good Storage Practice required in most countries.
Prevent failure of equipment
Prevent failure of equipment
Be aware of early warning signs that can help prevent medical refrigeration equipment failure.
Save time and resources
Save time and resources
Remote monitoring system tracks temperature and humidity automatically, thus, there is no need for manual checking.

Description of the remote temperature monitoring system for pharmacies and laboratories

Pharmaceutical products very often are subject to legislation requiring storing or transporting products at a predefined temperature.

SensMax offers a reliable remote monitoring system for pharmacies and medical warehouse which provides an efficient way of knowing if refrigeration equipment is failing, and thus saving money avoiding products spoilage.

The remote monitoring system for pharmacies is sending warnings via e-mail or SMS to personnel if pharmaceutical products exposed to temperatures level outside the range prescribed for its storage or transportation.

The temperature monitoring system is suitable for pharmaceutical warehouses with complex infrastructure with a mix of storage areas such as warehousing, mezzanine floors, vaults and cages, cold rooms, walk-in coolers and refrigerators and freezers.

The monitoring system works well in hospitals, pharmacies, laboratories, blood and tissue banks. The compact design of the digital temperature sensors allows their use even in small storage facilities like a small walk-in-cold room as well as inside coolers, refrigerators, and freezers.

There are high accuracy temperature sensors available for measurements in laboratories. The sensors can measure temperature within a range of -200℃...+200℃ with accuracy ±0.1℃ and resolution ±0.01℃.

Temperature and humidity monitoring for refrigerators in pharmacies and laboratories

How remote monitoring system works?

remote temperature and humidity monitoring system for pharmacies and laboratories

You can choose any of the wireless sensors from the list that fits your requirements.

There are waterproof temperature sensors, temperature sensors with a probe or high accuracy temperature sensors with the maximal temperature measurement range from -200C to +200C. 

Wireless sensors read temperature parameters every 5 minutes. 

Statistical data from the monitoring sensors delivered to an online reporting portal using LAN/Internet data gateway. 

The data gateway has internal memory for short-term backup to avoid data leakage in case of Internet connectivity problems.

One data gateway can read statistics from up to 250 sensors in 150m range. 


temperature and humidity monitoring for pharmacies and drug storages

Statistical data from the temperature sensors processed in the online reporting portal with-in 5 minutes interval. 

You can check the actual readings of each temperature sensor, as well as historical data for any period. 

There is an option to receive email or SMS notifications if temperature or humidity went out of defined range. 

Online reporting software supports individual notification schedule for each user, an example, one user will get notifications from a medical warehouse on workdays from 9 to 17, and another one will get ones from a refrigerator with highly sensitive product 24/7 in 5 minutes after any of parameters are out of range.

Although remote temperature monitoring system for pharmacies and laboratories performs complex operations, it is user-friendly and easy to install. 


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