SensGuard X1 security alarm receiver

SensGuard X1 security alarm receiver
  • Qty of control zones:
    10 zones
  • Qty of control points:
    up to 200 alarm sensors
  • Communication range:
    up to 150m
  • Signal encryption:

SensGuard X1 security alarm receiver for SensMax wireless alarm sensors.

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SensGuard X1 Alarm Receiver

SensGuard X1 alarm receiver is a central device of the SensGurad wireless security system. It receives alarm signals from wireless security sensors and responds to them by a 90dB loud sound signal. The alarm receiver displays the alarm zone as well.

It has 10 control zones and supports up to 20 sensors per zone, in total 200 sensors. Clear audio signals and indication lights of the alarm zone help to respond to an emergency alert promptly.

SensGuard RC1 remote control key chain

SensGuard X1 alarm receiver has AES-128 encryption of radio channel for secured communication with wireless alarm sensors. The connectivity range is up to 150m, so you can install it in your office or a nearby security guard which can immediately react to the emergency. 

SensGuard X1 Alarm Receiver Advantages

  • Loud and clear alarm – 90dB loud signal, alarm zone indication, connection to a buzzer. 
  • Protected connection – encrypted AES-128 radio channel for communication with wireless security alarm sensors.
  • Long range communication – communication range is up to 150m.  
  • Easy setup – plug and play device with easy installation.

SensGuard X1 Alarm Receiver Applications

wireless-security-alarm-retail-shop-showcase.png Showcase window opening alarm for protection of valuable goods as mobile phones or jewelry in retail shops. 

wireless-security-alarm-window-door-protection.png Door or window opening alarm in premises.

wireless-security-alarm-museum-art-gallery-painting-protection.png Secure a painting or any other art object from unauthorized movement.

alarm remote receiver applications

SensGuard X1 Alarm Receiver Technical Details

ApplicationRetail alarm, retail showcase protection, theft protection in retail store, art object protection, paintings protection, painting movement alarm, mobile phone theft protection, jewelry store protection, window opening alarm, door opening alarm, object movement alarm
Qty of control zones 10 zones 
Qty of control points up to 200 alarm sensors 
Sensors supportedSensMax SensGuard VCNL4010 Wireless alarm sensor
Communication rangeUp to 150m 
Radio signal frequency 868MHz 
Signal encryptionAES-128 
Power supply 5V AC adapter 
Dimensions 114x36x20mm 

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