Online and offline reporting software for IoT sensors

Online temperature and humidity monitoring software

Greenhouses | Agriculture
Temperature and humidity monitoring system for greenhouses helps you to track any temperature and humidity fluctuations online and notify you if controlled parameters went out of allowed range.
Food Stores | Freezers
Remote temperature monitoring system SensMax SensGuard helps you to automate temperature control in refrigeration, freezing and baking equipment. It is an online temperature monitoring system with alarm notifications when the temperature is going out of allowed range and various automated reports for internal use and regulatory compliance.
Warehouses | Storages
SensMax monitoring system allows automating control of temperature and humidity within warehouses and product storages for lowering heating and ventilation costs, as well as for controlling products and equipment storage environment parameters.
Pharmacies | Laboratories
Remote temperature monitoring system for pharmacies and pharmaceutical warehouses provides detailed information about medical products storage temperature and humidity levels. You will be notified immediately if any of controlled parameters are out of allowed ranges.
Smart Buildings | Malls
Temperature and humidity monitoring system for smart buildings helps you to improve managing your property and reduce costs of operation. Keeping up a healthy environment within the intelligent building enhances user experience and improves the daily life of the people.
Server Rooms | Data centers
Remote temperature and humidity monitoring system for environment control in server rooms helps you tracking any temperature and humidity fluctuations online, as well as getting notifications to email or mobile phone if controlled parameters went out of defined range.
Art Galleries | Museums
It is vital for maintaining proper temperature and humidity levels for each valuable and ancient object or painting. Automatic temperature and humidity metering system SensGuard helps to track optimal temperature and humidity parameters in a museum or an art gallery. Wireless and small size sensors with elegant look are very easy to install towards any art object.
Foreclosed Properties
Temperature monitoring system for vacant properties to avoid frozen pipes in winter and overheating in summer. Get notified before costly damage occurs.
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