How to reduce heating costs?

How to reduce heating bills? Remote temperature monitoring system SensMax SensGuard may help you!

You can cut your heating costs with SensGuard temperature and humidity monitoring system

Every day, many people and companies face the problem of high heating bills. Day to day the bills keep getting bigger and bigger. The most common mistakes that lead to increased heat consumption are:

• Windows or doors left open for a long time
• Room temperature too high
• Incorrectly set heating system settings
• Broken thermal insulation of a residential or industrial premises
• Insufficient training of office workers in the rules of optimal savings

Therefore, special attention should be paid to systems that allow you to monitor the temperature in residential, office and industrial premises, and adjust heating systems for optimal heat consumption, which leads to lower costs.

SensMax has developed a remote temperature and humidity monitoring system for residential, office and industrial premises. The system consists of small wireless temperature sensors that are easy to install in a few minutes. 

Readings from the sensors are transmitted to a special data collector that can serve up to 150 sensors within a radius of up to 150 meters. Temperature data is transmitted via the Internet to a cloud reporting system. 

Temperature data is transmitted via the Internet to a cloud reporting system. You can set the minimum and maximum temperature values and receive notifications on your mobile phone Telegram messenger or e-mail if the temperature goes beyond the set limits. Convenient online reports will show temperature statistics for each sensor and you can adjust the heating system to maintain the optimal temperature level in the premises.

The remote temperature control system is designed for use in a variety of environments:

• Apartments and houses
• Schools, kindergartens, universities
• Offices
• Industrial premises
• Warehouses

Feel free to contact us and our specialists will consult for free on the use of a remote temperature control system in your premises, as well as make an estimate for the installation of the system.

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