What types of people counter sensors SensMax has?

The main work for people counters sensor electronic devices is to count the number of people that move on a definite departure or penetration. These are also known as Footfall counters, Door counters, customer counters, and visitor counters. 


SensMax provides you with wireless infrared technology people counter sensors. These counter sensors work by applying an infrared ray beam at the entrance and detects a person when the invisible line is interrupted. It works in three easy ways.

First, the wireless people counting device is installed at the entrance with a transmitter and a receiver horizontally in the area you wish to count people, second, the fixed counter sensors illustrate an unseen line that figures the number of people cross them, and third, the data is gathered automatically and sent to computer dashboard via LAN or WIFI.

The data from the device helps to boost sales and retail stores can spread customers by assimilating the numbers from the counter sensors. The counters sensors have:

  • Easy wireless setup system that requires no cable.
  • Internal memory that keeps 25-250 days of hourly statistics.
  • Long battery life that operates for up to 2 years.
  • Up to 99% counting accuracy.
  • Works for a maximum of 10m passage.

SensMax also provides outdoor people counter sensors designed for outdoor work with a protective case that functions properly in water and dust that can be installed in trees, lampposts, gates, and bridges.

These outdoor people counter sensors also come with easy and wireless installation systems with long-lasting battery life, extended memory, and different directional count algorithms.

These counter sensors can be used in non-electricity areas because they require no electricity at all to function properly. These people counter sensors store up to 250 days of data that can be collected by a mobile data reading device manually and then export it to a computer via USB.

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