How to count pedestrians outdoor?

Outdoor people counter is needed to count the number of people visiting and tracking visiting trends for recreational facilities, parks, hiking trails. 

Pedestrian counting technology helps city planners to make decisions based on the information to improve the city by understanding how citizens and tourists navigate the city and public facilities. Outdoor pedestrian counters help you can measure how many people are walking on specific sidewalks, or sitting on park benches, and how many are using public transportation. 

Count pedestrians outdoor in non-electricity areas: SensMax provides you with outdoor pedestrian counters that require no internet and electricity to function properly. These devices have long AA battery life span up to two years for keeping pedestrian count. Count pedestrians outdoor installing the pedestrian counting technology devices walking gates, trees, bridges, etc.  

Outdoor people counting sensors SensMax SE or SensMax DE

The sensor storing people counting data at internal memory. You can collect it manually by a manual data collector. Sensors working without any electrical connection and keep an accurate pedestrian count. Using outdoor people counter software check visiting trends, detect popular areas, know about marketing effectiveness, and get detailed reports per hour, day, month, quarter, and year.  

Outdoor people counters provided by SensMax come with features like: 

  • Outdoor design: The devices are waterproof and have anti-vandal cases. 
  • Extended memory: Store hourly traffic statistics for up to 250 days for SE sensor and up to 150 days for DE sensor. 
  • Directional count: Both unidirectional and bidirectional counting algorithms are available. 
  • Easy installation system: The sensors are wireless and easy to install. 
  • Long battery life: AA batteries for up to two years and 1 year for two-direction sensors. 


Using SensMax TAC-B people counting locator sensor for outdoor people counting projects. 

SensMax TAC-B people counting radar sensors collecting pedestrian statistics and delivering it to online reporting portal using WiFi Internet connection. The sensor can distinguish pedestrians and cyclists by their movement speed. You can see footfall statistics at online reporting portal. There are various reports per 5 minutes, hour, day, month, quarter, and year. Realtime data updates gives you options how to monitor occupancy statistics. 

Outdoor footfall tracking sensors have various benefits: 

  • Wide people counting area up to 14m range 120° viewing angle (approx. 200m2).  
  • Sidewall or pillar mounting inside a robust plastic box. 
  • Up to 5 people counting lines and zones.  
  • No-filming people counting technology. GDPR/Privacy law compliant.  
  • Real-time data delivery using WiFi Internet. 


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