Temperature and humidity monitoring for schools and public premises

Temperature and humidity monitoring system for schools and public premises helps you to maintain the healthy environment and improve the daily life of the people.
Maintain a healthy environment
Maintain a healthy environment
Controlling heating, ventilation, and cooling system work issues and balancing heating and air conditioning helping to maintain a comfortable and healthy environment for kids.
Fit regulatory compliance
Fit regulatory compliance
Get all information from temperature and humidity sensors in easy to use online reports.
Get notified
Get notified
Receive notifications whenever the temperature or humidity exceeds the allowed parameters in real-time.
Wireless devices
Wireless devices
Save time and money by installing wireless people counting sensors that don’t need any cabling works.
Monitoring anytime from anywhere
Monitoring anytime from anywhere
It is possible to monitor your data room equipment from any place 24/7 via the Internet.

Description of remote temperature and humidity monitoring system for schools and public premises

Temperature and humidity control is essential for maintaining healthy environmental conditions in schools and other public premises. SensMax offers remote temperature and humidity monitoring system that helps to adjust optimal environment parameters in premises. 

The remote monitoring system helps to detect relative air humidity and temperature levels in an automated way. By controlling environmental conditions, you provide a healthy and comfortable daily life of the scholars, as well as meet regulatory compliance requirements for public premises. 

The remote monitoring system works in real-time mode. The system tracks actual environmental parameters and notifies a responsible person about any violations of allowed min/max temperature and humidity levels. You can setup permitted violation time to filter out short-term events and focus on significant problems caused by heating and ventilation equipment. 

Wireless temperature and humidity sensors installation are fast and easy. Just stick the sensor in a room and register it to a data gateway. You will get readings from the sensor at the online reporting system in 5 minutes. 

temperature and humidity monitoring for schools and public premises

How remote monitoring system works?

Remote monitoring of temperature and humidity in schools and public premises

Wireless sensors read temperature and humidity conditions and deliver them to the online reporting application every 5 minutes.

Wireless monitoring sensors work from the built-in non-flammable battery for up to 5 years. 

The monitoring sensors are waterproof so you can install them both indoor and outdoor. Supported temperature range is -20℃...+55℃ with ±0.5℃ accuracy and 0.1℃ resolution.

The data gateway collects statistics from the wireless monitoring sensors in a range of up to 150m. There is an option to extend the communication range to up to 500m using signal repeaters.

One data gateway supports up to 250pcs of wireless monitoring sensors. It has a short-term backup memory that saves data in the case of internet connectivity failures.


Cloud reporting software benefits

automated temperature and humidity monitoring in schools and public premises

Temperature and humidity readings from the monitoring sensors shown at the online reporting software, so you can access it from anywhere using a standard Internet browser.

You can check actual readings from every sensor in real-time mode, as well as review the full history of events. 

Users are getting notifications via email or SMS (optional)if temperature or humidity went out of allowed min/max range. 

Each user can set up different notification schedule, i.e., manager of the building need a weekly summary, but a technical engineer notified in 5 minutes after the problem appeared.

For easier identification of problematic area, you can upload a map of the building and specify sensors installation locations on it. 


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