Live report

Realtime online report to see the number of visitors on-premises with an option to set allowed limit and customize on-screen notification.

How to count visitors in retail stores or other premises in realtime?

The Live Report shows the number of visitors that are currently in a retail store or any other premises. It is useful for controlling occupancy in real-time mode. 

There is an option to customize text messages towards the number of visitors according to occupancy level, for example, "You are welcome" or "Please wait, the limit of visitors reached".  

As well as it is possible to set up reset time when the report will start counting people from a new page. 



Useful feature - share the occupancy report via a link and open the report without registration on 

So it is possible to open it on any mobile phone, tablet pc, laptop or TV. 

For example, place a tablet pc near the entrance to premises and display the number of visitors inside in real-time. 

Click here for example report:

This report designed for realtime footfall counting sensors SensMax D3 LR TS and SensMax D3 SLR TS.


Screenshots of the Live Report:






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