Basic vs Premium features

Comparison of Basic and Premium features of SensMax online reporting.

What is the difference between Basic and Premium of people counting software?

We offer People Counting Software with online Basic and Premium reports packs. 

Basic version of reports is enough for analysing people traffic trends on daily basis. It is free. 

Premium version recommended for real-time reporting, advanced analytics and notification sending via email or sms . 

There is a subscription fee of 1 EUR per 1 sensor per month for Premium account. SMS notification costs 0.04 EUR.

Feel free to check demo version of online reporting system here:

Decsription of People Counting Software with online reporting:

Other Functions

Occupancy report“no”yesOnline occupancy report for retail stores and other premises. It shows the number of visitors inside the room and occupancy history. Example report. 
Live report“no”sensmax-people-counting-software-yesRealtime online report to see the number of visitors in premises. Has option to enable limit and customize onscreeen notification. Example report. 
GO STOP Report“no”sensmax-people-counting-software-yesRealtime GO-STOP report to control or limit people traffic entering premises. Crucial report for occupancy control in premises. Example report.
Last/First intersectionsensmax-people-counting-software-yessensmax-people-counting-software-yesOnline people counting software report showing first and last visitor timestamp. This report is convenient for checking retail store opening and closing time. Example report.
Visitors count (line chart)sensmax-people-counting-software-yessensmax-people-counting-software-yesOnline report for retail traffic flow visualisation and analysis.  Report shows history trendline per selected periond of time. Example report.
Visitors count (barchart)sensmax-people-counting-software-yessensmax-people-counting-software-yesOnline retail traffic flow analysis report with number of visitors displayed in bar charts per selected period of time. Example report.
The ratio of visitorssensmax-people-counting-software-yessensmax-people-counting-software-yesOnline report for retail traffic structure visualization in percentage distribution among selected retail stores. Information displayed in pie chart. Example report.
Summary reportsensmax-people-counting-software-yessensmax-people-counting-software-yesRetail stores rating report online sorted by visitor number per every store in descending sorting. Example report.
Detail summary report“no”sensmax-people-counting-software-yesOnline people counting traffic comparison report per different periods of time. This report shows various trendlines per various stores. Example report.
Error reportsensmax-people-counting-software-yessensmax-people-counting-software-yesPeople counting system sustainability report that helps to discover any technical issues with people counting sensors. It shows notifications of low battery, offline device, sensor blocking, no connectivity indications. Example report. 
Net promoter score (NPS)sensmax-people-counting-software-yessensmax-people-counting-software-yesOnline Network Promoter Score report from customer survey system. It shows trendline of customer replies score. Example report. 
Loyalty distributionsensmax-people-counting-software-yessensmax-people-counting-software-yesOnline customer survey analysis report that shows distribuion of customer replies in percentage per selected period of time. Example report. 
NPS timeline“no”sensmax-people-counting-software-yesCustomer survey online report showing NPS score changes according time scale. Example report.
Detalization of people counting reports   
5 minutessensmax-people-counting-software-yessensmax-people-counting-software-yesThe most detailed statistics for people counting and customer survey reports. 
Hoursensmax-people-counting-software-yessensmax-people-counting-software-yesDetailed statistics hour-per-hour.
Daysensmax-people-counting-software-yessensmax-people-counting-software-yesDaily summary of statistics.
Weeksensmax-people-counting-software-yessensmax-people-counting-software-yesOverall summary per week.
Monthsensmax-people-counting-software-yessensmax-people-counting-software-yesOverview of statistics per month.
Quartersensmax-people-counting-software-yessensmax-people-counting-software-yesQuartelry based reporting.
Yearsensmax-people-counting-software-yessensmax-people-counting-software-yesSummary of year results.
Reporting periods for footfall traffic analysis    
Todaysensmax-people-counting-software-yessensmax-people-counting-software-yesPeople counting statistics per today.
Yesterdaysensmax-people-counting-software-yessensmax-people-counting-software-yesFootfall traffic statistics for yesterday.
Last weeksensmax-people-counting-software-yessensmax-people-counting-software-yesSummary of customer count per week. 
Last 7 dayssensmax-people-counting-software-yessensmax-people-counting-software-yesStore visiting statistics for last full 7 days. 
Last week + todaysensmax-people-counting-software-yessensmax-people-counting-software-yesStore visiting statistics for last 7 days including actual data for today.
Last monthsensmax-people-counting-software-yessensmax-people-counting-software-yesCustomer traffic statistics per last month.
Last 31 dayssensmax-people-counting-software-yessensmax-people-counting-software-yesRetail traffic analysis for last full 31 days.
Last month + todaysensmax-people-counting-software-yessensmax-people-counting-software-yesRetail traffic analysis for last 31 days including today.
Last 2 monthssensmax-people-counting-software-yessensmax-people-counting-software-yesFootfall analysis for the current and the previous months.
Last 3 monthssensmax-people-counting-software-yessensmax-people-counting-software-yesPeople counting statistics per last 3 months.
Last 7 monthssensmax-people-counting-software-yessensmax-people-counting-software-yesPeople counting statistics per last 7 months.
Manualsensmax-people-counting-software-yessensmax-people-counting-software-yesOption to select custom period of visiting statistics.
Last 12 months“no”sensmax-people-counting-software-yesPeople traffic flow statistics per last full 12 months from today.
1 year“no”sensmax-people-counting-software-yesPeople counting statistics for current year.
2 years“no”sensmax-people-counting-software-yesPeople counting statistics for current and previous year.
E-mailing periods for automated footfall reports   
According predetermined periodsensmax-people-counting-software-yessensmax-people-counting-software-yesE-mail report of people counting statistics of predefinied period. 
Everyday“no”sensmax-people-counting-software-yesGet footfall report every day at specified time.
Every monday“no”sensmax-people-counting-software-yesReceive email with people counting statistics on Mondays at specified time.
Every tuesday“no”sensmax-people-counting-software-yesCheck visiting statistics by getting email on Tuesday at specified time. 
Every wednesday“no”sensmax-people-counting-software-yesSelect this option if you want to get email with customer traffic reports in Wednesday at predefined time. 
Every thursday“no”sensmax-people-counting-software-yesRegular traffic flow statistics email update on Thursday according to sending time schedule. 
Every friday“no”sensmax-people-counting-software-yesFootfall traffic analytics updates every Friday at your specified time. Reporting system sending email automatically. 
Every saturday“no”sensmax-people-counting-software-yesCustomer counting statistics on Saturday via email. 
Every sunday“no”sensmax-people-counting-software-yesSummary email of people counting on Sundays. Option to schedule sending time. 
Every first day of month“no”sensmax-people-counting-software-yesStart new month by getting summary email about visitors traffic on first day of each month. 
If there are errors in the past 24 hourssensmax-people-counting-software-yessensmax-people-counting-software-yesAutomatically generated email contains info about errors or failures. You will get it if there were any of them for the last 24 hours.
Limit exceeded“no”sensmax-people-counting-software-yesGet notification to email if number of visitors reached predefined amount. 
Every X visitor“no”sensmax-people-counting-software-yesGet notified for every reaching ofpredefined amount of number of visitors. 
Data gateway power profiles   
TestPowerProfilesensmax-people-counting-software-yessensmax-people-counting-software-yesData gateway reading visiting statistics from people counting sensors every minute. The profile will be active till 0:00 UTC and then setting will change to Normal Power Profile.
MaxBatteryLifesensmax-people-counting-software-yessensmax-people-counting-software-yesPeople counting sensors will send visiting statistics to the data gateway every hour. 
NormalPowerProfilesensmax-people-counting-software-yessensmax-people-counting-software-yesData gateway updating people counting statistics from footfall sensors every 20 minutes. 
ImmediateDelivery“no”sensmax-people-counting-software-yesDelivering people counting statistics to the server as fast as possible.  Example of settings. 
Other functions   
Send e-mail if Loyalty Button was pressed“no”sensmax-people-counting-software-yesSend notification to specified e-mail after customer pressed any button on customer survey sensor. Example of settings. 
Automatic SMS reporting“no”sensmax-people-counting-software-yesSend notification via SMS. NOTE: this function is not active yet and will be released soon.
Automatic chart update“no”sensmax-people-counting-software-yesAutomated information update in charts for Premium accounts and manual refresh for Free account users. 
Sound when crossing“no”sensmax-people-counting-software-yesFootfall sensors make a short beep for every entering visitor. Example of settings. 


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