Smart Art Objects Protection with SensMax TAC-B 3D-W Radar Sensor

Explore the future of art protection with SensMax TAC-B 3D-W radar sensor. Elevate your security with intelligent zoning, IFTTT integration, and statistical insights. Experience real-time monitoring in any light condition.

Smart Art Objects Protection With Alarm If a Visitor Approaching Too Close Using SensMax TAC-B 3D-W Radar Sensor

In the ever-evolving landscape of art protection, SensMax introduces a paradigm shift with the TAC-B 3D-W radar sensor. Elevate your art security to unprecedented levels with this intelligent solution that goes beyond traditional methods.

Intelligent Zoning for Precision Security

Imagine a security system that understands the nuances of art protection. The TAC-B 3D-W allows you to set up multiple zones with predefined behavioral scenarios, providing a tailored approach to safeguarding your art.

Example Scenarios:

  1. Intruder Detected: IF a visitor in ZONE 1 stays for more than X seconds, THEN send a message to controller's dry contact and ENABLE ALARM.
  2. Harmless Passerby: IF a visitor in ZONE 1 passes through the area in less than X seconds, THEN NO ALARM.

IFTTT Integration: Unleashing Possibilities

Seamless integration with opens doors to a myriad of possibilities. Set up webhooks to send messages to over 700 apps, including WhatsApp, CRM, and Google Docs, based on various scenarios derived from people counting zone occupancy.

Statistical Insights: Beyond Security

This intelligent system goes beyond security. Set up zones for statistical people counting and delve into detailed visitor statistics through our user-friendly online reporting portal.

Key Features

  • Versatile Coverage: Operates effectively in ANY light condition, including darkness.
  • Real-time Monitoring: Enjoy the benefits of real-time monitoring for immediate response.
  • Wide Area Coverage: With a 10x10m2 @120 degrees zone, efficiently manage a broad area with multiple objects.

Embrace the Future of Art Security

In essence, the TAC-B 3D-W radar sensor is not just a security system; it's a smart guardian that combines intelligence, adaptability, and real-time monitoring. Elevate your art security to the next level with SensMax.

Feel free to reach out for further queries or explore this transformative solution. Secure your art intelligently with SensMax TAC-B 3D-W.

Smart Art Objects Protection with SensMax TAC-B 3D-W Radar Sensor
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