SensMax TAC-B Sensors: Outdoor People, Bike, and Car Counting

In a world where data shapes our understanding of movement and trends, SensMax TAC-B 3D-WP and TAC-B 4G radar sensors stand out as versatile solutions for accurate outdoor counting. From tracking pedestrians and cyclists to the exciting addition of car counting within a 20-meter range at speeds up to 65 km/h, these sensors, coupled with solar power options, redefine possibilities for smart data collection in diverse environments.

Counting the Great Outdoors

  • Pedestrian Tracking for Safer Spaces: Ensure the safety of public spaces by monitoring pedestrian movement. Ideal for parks, recreational areas, and urban zones, providing insights for optimized infrastructure planning.

  • Bike Counting for Sustainable Mobility: Promote eco-friendly modes of transportation by tracking bicycle usage. Gain valuable data for enhancing bike lane infrastructure and supporting sustainable urban mobility.

  • New Car Counting Feature: Experience the advanced capabilities of car counting within a 20-meter range and speeds of up to 65 km/h. Enhance traffic management strategies and contribute to smart city initiatives.


Solar Power

  • Off-the-Grid Operation: Leverage the SPS20 solar power system for off-grid installations. Ensure continuous sensor operation with eco-friendly solar energy, reducing reliance on traditional power sources.

  • Environmentally Conscious Solutions: Contribute to environmental sustainability by choosing solar power options. Ideal for remote locations, parks, and areas without access to conventional power sources.


How It Works

  • Emitting radar signals, the sensors detect and track the movement of people, bikes, and cars.

  • With solar power options, these sensors operate off-the-grid, making them suitable for various outdoor settings.

  • Real-time data collection provides actionable insights for urban planning, traffic management, and sustainability initiatives.

  • The car counting feature is optimized for speeds up to 65 km/h within a 20-meter detection range.

  • Solar power options are recommended for sustainable and off-grid installations.


SensMax TAC-B sensors empower smart data collection in outdoor spaces, from tracking pedestrians and cyclists to the innovative addition of car counting. With solar power options ensuring sustainability, these sensors contribute to creating safer, more efficient, and environmentally conscious environments.

SensMax TAC-B Sensors: Outdoor People, Bike, and Car Counting
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