How to track number of people on premises in real time?

Monitoring store occupancy online has become paramount in this era of pandemics. One of your responsibilities is to protect public health and that can be achieved by installing real time traffic counters in other to track number of people on premises of your store. On the other hand, room occupancy counter is mostly used to track a real time building occupancy and ensure real-time counting of visitors. Store managers discovered that understanding their customers preferences as well as buying patterns will make their business stay at the top of the competition.

How to Track People on Premises in Real Time?

To track the number of people on premises, you need to adopt the use of technologies that has a store streamer rightly available on your premises or on the cloud.

This technology uses digital technologies such as; location tracking, video-based real-time counting, mobile and analytics for monitoring store occupancy online.

Real time building occupancy can boost employee productivity, improve efficiency and increase sales.

Tracking information obtained incudes:

•    Time view
•    Location view
•    Demographic view

Why is Real Time Monitoring of Premises so Important?

Below are some of the major aspect why real time traffic counters and real time store monitoring is very vital:
•    To ensure better management of employee
•    To ensure the general public are kept safe
•    To improve store experience 
•    To carryout targeted promotions and offers in other to increase sales 

You can use a real time room occupancy counter to keep track of your store visitors in real time, real time people counting enables you to get notified when the visitation limit for your shopping mall or retail store is nearly reached. 

Feel free to check how it works here.

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