How to measure pedestrian traffic outdoor?

The system of counting people who walk on foot in public places using pedestrian traffic counters is called outdoor pedestrian traffic counting. The statistics by measuring traffic outdoor are used to restrain staff actions according to control propensity and to get proper accusation for fundraising plans.


Pedestrian traffic counters help to collect the pedestrian rate of different places, value advertising functions utility, and to select the perfect path to market your appointment and create more pedestrian passage at your place. 

City planners need to make decisions for improving the city by understanding how citizens and tourists navigate the city and public facilities, and pedestrian traffic counter helps them measure people traffic outdoor with valid and reliable information.

SensMax provides you with waterproof and dust protective devices for measuring pedestrian traffic outdoor that is mainly designed to work outside in harsh environments with IP68 standards. These outdoor pedestrian traffic counters work fine in non-electricity areas with batteries and do not require any cabling forks to set. 

Standard AA batteries provide the counter system outdoor with energies to run for two years. To measure the people traffic outside, extract data from extended memories that store outdoor pedestrian traffic statistics for 250 days. Pedestrian traffic counter systems are used to get reports per hour, day, month, quarter, and year.

The history of outside pedestrian traffic is collected by a mobile data reading tool manually without any electrical or internet connection from the counter system outdoor and then exported into a computer via USB. Install the device on trees, lamp posts, gates, bridges, etc. to measure pedestrian traffic outdoor. Get detailed statistics about the trails you need to control, check after marketing activities, check visiting trends, and detect the most popular areas using pedestrian traffic counter system.

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How to measure pedestrian traffic outdoor

How to measure pedestrian traffic outdoor?

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