How to measure number of visitors in retail store?

Most visitor counting system make use of sensors in counting retail store traffic. It counts visitors coming in and going out of retail stores by using an infrared and other technology which counts every time a beam is broken.

What is the importance of using infrared technology to measure visitors in a retail store?

Store visitor counter that uses the infrared technology benefits in the following ways:

  • High Counting Accuracy: People counters that use an infrared technology are highly efficient up to 99%. Making it reliable and efficient.
  • Wireless Sensors: The infrared technology does not require any cable connection. It uses wireless sensor to operate, which makes it easy to use.
  • Fast and Easy Installation: The installation process is very easy and can be carried out quickly.
  • High Performance/Price Ratio: The performance-to-price ratio of the infrared technology is very high. This gives you a very high rate of return on investment (ROI).

Why measure the number of visitors in a retail store?

Determining the number of visitors in a retail store using visitor counter is very important due to several factors as highlighted below:

•    Increase Profit: a little increase in overall performance of a company can make a great difference. With time and little investment, analyzing visitor traffic derived from people visitor counter can increase store sales and profits.
•    Redefine Store Layout: When you have detailed information about your store traffic, this allows you to easily achieve an optimal layout that will be profitable to your store.
•    Boost Traffic: Having an insight about the traffic of your store will help your strategies on how to drive visitor to your retail store during off hours.

Finally, the use of visitor counting system in a retail store has proven to be very vital in helping retail store improve its overall performance. Simply follow the first step towards achieving great success by installing a store visitor counter today. 

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