How to measure footfall traffic?

Footfall counters which are also called people counters or traffic counters is a great tool used for recording the total number of people visiting a shopping mall or retail store. Store managers often carryout footfall analytics from the foot traffic information obtained. When they collect foot traffic information and analyze it, it helps them to make more profit by increasing sales.

How Should we Collect Foot Traffic?

Footfall counting machine price may differ due to their mode of operation. Some footfall counters make use of infrared technology while others use sensors. They can mostly be connected to a footfall counter app for real time monitoring. 

Before considering footfall analytics, you need to obtain accurate foot traffic information to determine key metrics that are very important towards the survival and increased performance of a retail store.

These includes:
•    To determine the daily or weekly footfall to enable you plan better,
•    Identify the peak hours to optimize the performance of your store.

This information will give you an edge when targeting certain group of customers and to increase sales.

How do we Measure Footfall Traffic?
To begin with, you need to count the total number of visitors that enters your store daily, weekly or yearly.

To establish the conversion rate, you simply divide the total transactional sales by footfall data within same period of time.

It helps you to measure important data such as:
•    Low performance hours,
•    Marketing effectiveness,
•    Percentage of active shoppers,
•    Staff scheduling,
•    Monitoring realtime footfall traffic with a footfall counter app.

Get detailed description on how it works here.

How to measure footfall traffic?

How to measure footfall traffic?

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