How to arrange customer surveys in retail stores?

The most effective way to get quick feedback from a customer is using a survey system in the store. Surveys help measure the level of customer satisfaction. You can improve the quality of services or improve the product in the future using the survey results.

The SensMax customer survey system for stores helps to get feedback on the quality of service, and measuring the level of customer satisfaction helps to improve the quality of service.
The customer satisfaction monitoring and evaluation system is an online system with easy-to-use an intuitive interface. 
The visitor survey system consists of a survey button with three emotions, a stand for a printed question, a data gateway, and online reporting software.

The loyalty button collects statistical data, which is then transferred through the data gateway to the online monitoring system. The statistics displayed in the report as a summary by day or by 5-minute intervals, depending on the loyalty button model. You can view response statistics and NPS index calculation report on the SensWeb cloud portal. 

Advantages of the SensMax customer survey system for stores:

  • Fast feedback will help to identify weaknesses in the quality of service or goods.
  • Simple, wireless installation.
  • Intuitive online reporting interface.

A customer survey will allow you to stay on top of your customers' needs and help improve customer experience.

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