Easy Outdoor Pedestrian Counting with SensMax SE Sensors

Are you curious about foot traffic in your local park or along city streets? SensMax SE sensors make outdoor pedestrian counting easy!

Installing SensMax SE Sensors Outdoors

  1. Choose Your Locations: Identify strategic spots on both sides of trails, gateways, bridges, or any area where you want to count pedestrians. These spots should offer a clear line of sight for the sensors.
  2. Mounting the Sensors: Affix the sensors securely to pillars or posts using the provided mounting brackets. Make sure they are positioned at the 1,5m height for optimal detection.
  3. Aligning the Sensors: Adjust the sensors to ensure they face each other and create an unobstructed detection zone. This alignment is crucial for accurate counting.
  4. Powering Up: SensMax SE sensors are battery-powered, so there's no need for electrical wiring. Simply insert the batteries, and the sensors are ready to go.

Benefits of SensMax SE Sensors

  • Wireless and Battery-Powered: No need for complicated installations or power sources. SensMax SE sensors operate wirelessly and run on standard batteries, giving you the flexibility to install them anywhere.
  • Privacy Protection: SensMax SE sensors collect anonymous data, respecting the privacy of pedestrians. There's no invasive surveillance, making them ideal for public spaces.
  • Easy Data Retrieval: Want to access pedestrian count data? Use the SensMax SE/DE manual data collector to download data from the sensors.
Easy Outdoor Pedestrian Counting with SensMax SE Sensors
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