Car Counting with SensMax TAC-B 3D-WP and TAC-B 4G Radar Sensors

SensMax introduces an innovative feature to its TAC-B 3D-WP and TAC-B 4G radar sensors — Car Counting, transforming them into powerful tools for monitoring vehicular traffic. With a maximum detection distance of 20 meters, these sensors redefine possibilities for various applications, making them ideal for environments where tracking moderate-speed traffic is essential.


Why Car Counting Matters?

Optimized Traffic Management: Gain comprehensive insights into vehicular traffic patterns for effective traffic management.

Intelligent Parking Solutions: Implement smart parking solutions by understanding the real-time usage of parking spaces.

Informed Urban Planning: Support urban planners with data-driven insights for informed decisions on road development and infrastructure upgrades.


Key Features of Car Counting with SensMax TAC-B Sensors.

  • Precise Detection Within 20 Meters: The sensors utilize advanced radar technology for precise detection within a maximum range of 20 meters. Ensure car counting accuracy even in challenging conditions such as varying light and bad weather.
  • Car Speed Limit: The sensors are engineered to detect cars with speeds up to 50 km/h, ensuring optimal performance. Ideal for environments where monitoring moderate-speed traffic is crucial.


How It Works?

  • Emitting a scanning chirp, the TAC-B sensors capture reflections from objects, including cars.
  • Advanced radar technology ensures accurate detection, even within a dynamic 20-meter range.
  • Counting algorithms process the data, providing real-time insights into car movements.

SensMax's commitment to innovation shines through with the introduction of car counting capabilities in the TAC-B 3D-WP and TAC-B 4G radar sensors. Redefining possibilities for smart data collection with a 20-meter detection range, these sensors offer precision and reliability for diverse applications in traffic management, parking solutions, and urban planning.

Car Counting with SensMax TAC-B 3D-WP and TAC-B 4G Radar Sensors
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