Benefits of SensMax Loyalty Button L3 for customer surveys.

A loyalty button is a device that helps you to analyze the level of customer satisfaction of a product, service, or company. It is suitable for installation in a retails store, bank office, airport washroom or any other commercial premises.

SensMax Loyalty Button L3 is a wireless customer surevey device with three emotion icons: happiness, sadness, and disappointment. The loyalty button set includes a plastic stand for placing there a printed text. You can print it on paper, cardboard, etc. and insert into a specially designed pocket on the stand frame. The client answers the question by pressing the appropriate icon with an emotion. 
The loyalty button works on standard AA batteries for up to 2 years. The statistical data is automatically sent to the data gateway, which transmits it to the online monitoring software. Depending on the model the data gateway can serve from 5 up to 30 survey buttons in ranges from 30m-800m.

The SensMax Customer Survey System will help you collect customer feedback on the quality of your company's products or services. The data obtained will help improve the quality of service and improve customers experience.

Benefits of SensMax Loyalty Button L3:

  • Easy way to collect customer feedback.
  • Instant customer feedback at the push of a button.
  • Fast and easy installation. 

There are several types of loyalty buttons in the list of SensMax products. The main differences between them are the communication range and data step in reports. The communication range is the distance between the data gateway and the place where the loyalty button is installed.

By following the links below you can get more detail with each type of SensMax loyalty buttons:

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