What is Network Promoter Score index and how it helps in measuring customer satisfaction and loyalty?

The Net Promoter Score Index or NPS is a measure of customer service. It's a simple way to measure user satisfaction with your product or company as a whole. SensMax Customer Survey system can help you with monitoring the NPS index.

The NPS Index is an indicator that reflects customer satisfaction and loyalty, as well as his willingness to recommend your product, service or company.

The meaning of the NPS index is that the client is presented with a questionnaire consisting of only one question. The question is: is he ready to recommend this product / service / company to his friends or colleagues?
The customer survey results clearly demonstrate how satisfied or dissatisfied customers are with your product / service / business. The calculation of this index is a good indicator of whether everything is good? The main advantages of this method are versatility, simplicity of calculations and fast data collection speed.

The SensMax Customer Survey System will help you collect customer feedback on your company's services or product quality. The system provides automatic calculation of the NPS index.
Our survey system is a survey button with three emotes, stand for placing the question, data gateway and online reporting software.

The statistical data collected by the loyalty button is transmitted through the data gateway to the online reporting system. The resulting data is displayed in the report as a summary for the day or for 5-minute intervals, depending on the model of the loyalty button.

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