SensMax temperature monitoring system for refrigerators and freezing chambers.

Grocery stores and food supermarkets need to maintain the required temperature in freezers and refrigerators. A violation of the storage temperature of products can lead to deterioration or loss of taste or complete spoilage of food. Freezing equipment breakdown leads to additional costs that may constantly repeat many times. Our system will provide quality control over the conditions of storage of goods and help to reduce the costs of the enterprise.

The SensMax temperature monitoring system for the temperature in refrigerating and freezing chambers makes it possible to remotely monitor the temperature of storage of products and quickly respond to the occurrence of non-standard situations. A system for monitoring temperatures in fridges and freezers consists of three components: temperature sensors, data gateways, and online reporting software. Wireless sensors recording temperature and humidity levels and transmitting it to a cloud reporting portal using data gateway. One data collector can support up to 250 wireless temperature sensors. It has a backup memory in case of short-term Internet connection failures. 

We offer clear and intuitive software that makes it possible to check temperature readings in real-time for each sensor individually, view the history of events, check graphs, and analyze archived data. For your convenience, it is also possible to create an interactive map and place sensors on it, which will allow you to easily identify problems in refrigerators and freezers

There is an option to set individual parameters for the minimum and maximum allowed temperature and humidity for each sensor. In case of violation of the established indicators, the employee will be able to receive automatic notifications, according to the notification schedule settings. Notifications are automatically sent to both e-mail and Telegram. 
The installation of our equipment is fast and simple, any employee can install it without any problems and special skills.

Temperature control allows you to optimize the activities of the enterprise and has several advantages:

  • Remote control and notification. Remote monitoring anytime anywhere and free alerts when the set parameters fluctuate.
  • Easy installation of the system. Installation in just three easy steps. Install the sensor, connect the data collector, and configure temperature and humidity notification settings.
  • DigitalFilter function. This function will help to calculate the real temperature of the product and bypass alarms for minor temperature irregularities, for example, when a customer opens the refrigerator door.
  • Saving resources. The system is automated and there is no need for manual collection of temperature readings from sensors.
  • Customization of individual parameters. You can set the min/max parameters of the temperature and humidity range for each wireless sensor.
  • Easy scalable system. Data gateway supports up to 250 wireless sensors with the ability to transfer data to one collector.
  • Fits most of all freezing equipment. You can get different types of temperature sensors with different temperature measurement ranges.

Get detailed description of online temperature monitoring software here.

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