How to measure occupancy of retail store in real-time?

Monitoring occupancy is always important. But during a pandemic, it is a must thing to do to maintain a safe environment for both the customers and the employees. SensMax provides occupancy counter sensors that help you measure occupancy in real-time for the safety of you and your customers.

How to measure occupancy in real-time?

Real-time people counting can be used for so many reasons but at this moment you need it to maintain social distancing accurately and effectively in your store.

Occupancy counter sensors are installed near the entrances and the exits of the store partially replace the presence of a live employee at the door. Real-time occupancy monitoring starts when the sensors count incoming and departing customers and total retail store occupancy and update every second about the number of people counting. 

Then the data goes to software and provides several important statistics to run the store maintaining retail store occupancy. This process is more complex than a simple counting mechanism. The current occupancy of the store is shown by a color-coded display and advice customers when they may enter safely informing in queues about their expected wait times. 

Real-time occupancy monitoring software generates live readouts of these data points for the staff and customers maintain the protocol easily.

Real-time people counting features:

•    The arrival and the departure of the customers are counted automatically. Easily customization of the reports.
•    Customers get a color-coded entry monitor.
•    Whole store occupancy report real-time. 
•    Historical data and retail data analytics.

With the number of people counting retail occupancy monitoring will help you maintain social distance for preventing any contagious disease such as Covid-19.

Read detailed description of the solution here.

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