How to control occupancy of premises in realtime?

Occupancy control is a must during a pandemic like Covid-19 to maintain social distancing effectively for the safety of everyone. SensMax provides an occupancy control system for premises in real-time.


Monitoring occupancy is always important in premises to enhance the productivity of employees, optimize space utilization, improve energy efficiency, as well as follow health and safety guidelines.  

A real-time occupancy control system is an electronic device that detects the presence of a person. There are various occupancy counter traffic sensing technology, but the most common are infrared sensors that are usually connected to the network of the building and send data back to building automation systems for zone access, ventilation, and lighting control. 

Real-time occupancy control in premises: Occupancy counter sensors are installed in strategic locations to pick up motions. When a person walks near the sensors interrupting the invisible count line of infrared ray, it is detected and counted by the device and then sent to software for real-time occupancy control and update every second about the number in the dashboard. 

This process is more complex than a simple counting mechanism. Create optimal working conditions for your employees by improving, renovating, and enhancing the work environment with occupancy control. 
With the help of occupancy control traffic you can:

•    Know when the occupancy limit reaches in every room.
•    Identify high footfall areas and keep them well managed.
•    Design the workplace to meet the needs of your employees.
•    Save money on controlling temperature and lighting in empty rooms.
•    Reduce wastage and improve the energy efficiency profile.
•    Keep on top of hygiene.
•    Make sure everyone is safe during a pandemic. 

Do you need real-time occupancy monitoring system? Get details here.

How to control occupancy of premises in realtime

How to control occupancy of premises in realtime

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