Why WiFi people counter is the best choice?

The WiFi people counter is designed to provide store owners with high accuracy of data and an easy to install process, thereby saving time and stress. In other for small and medium stores to comply with accuracy restrictions and social distancing rule, it is necessary for stores to install a WiFi door counter in their stores.

Why Use Wi-Fi People Counter?

Below are some of the reasons why your store needs to install the wifi people counter today:

  • Easy and Fast Installation: The wifi counter can be self-installed which makes it fast and easy to use.
  • High Accuracy: The infrared wifi people counters are highly accurate up to 99%.
  • Privacy: it uses an infrared technology which detect people anonymously.
  • Online reporting: it delivers statistics from people counters into online reporting application using SensMax WiFi gateway.

Where can we use the wifi counters?
The wifi door counter uses an automatic control process to limit the number of people. During the process of wifi counting people can be anonymously counted, and these include places such as:

  • Retail stores: Easy to use and and accurate people counters for realtime occupancy monitoring offering best price/performance combination for business users.
  • Workplaces: The counters can safely monitor the whole workplace by installing them in specific locations such as canteens and toilets.
  • Schools: They can be installed to measure real-time occupancy of lecture rooms, libraries, and the entire school premises.
  • Tourism and Leisure Centers: These counters can be used to safely regulate the occupancy of visitors in other to keep them safe and protected.

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