People Counting with SensMax TAC-B 3D-W Radar Sensor

SensMax TAC-B 3D-W is an indoor radar sensor designed to redefine people counting solutions. Its advanced technology brings accuracy, real-time insights, and versatility to various applications, making it a preferred choice for businesses and smart buildings.


Key Features:

  • Accuracy: The TAC-B 3D-W sensor employs mmWave contactless technology for precise people counting in diverse scenarios.
  • Real-time Data: Experience the power of real-time data analytics, enabling quick decision-making and effective crowd management.
  • Versatility: From retail stores optimizing foot traffic to smart buildings ensuring efficient space utilization, this sensor adapts to diverse environments.


The applications of SensMax TAC-B 3D-W are vast and include:

  • Retail Analytics
  • Smart Buildings
  • Event Venues
  • Public Spaces
  • Transportation Hubs

Whether you need accurate people counting for business insights or efficient occupancy monitoring for safety compliance, this sensor is your solution.

Upgrade your people counting system with SensMax TAC-B 3D-W and unlock a new level of precision and performance.

People Counting with SensMax TAC-B 3D-W Radar Sensor
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