Important price policy update for system integrators!

We have changed price policy for some software modules for people counting system.

Dear System Integrators, 

We have added more software modules to our price list.

Please contact us to get updated product catalog and pricing. 

Price policy changed for following products:

Software licenses for local software installation or for online reporting portal
SensMax EasyReportReporting software license per PC (supports financial data import)
SensMax ServerServer application license for software installation on a local server
SensMax EasyReport Admin ToolsApplication for centralized management of settings of multi-user EasyReport installations
SensMax Data ConvertorData export tool for 3rd party reporting systems in TXT, XML, CSV, XLSX or MySQL formats
SensMax SensWeb BASICOnline reporting portal license for basic reports
SensMax SensWeb PREMIUMPremium account license per one sensor for a year (supports data export via API)
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