How to track temperature and humidity monitoring in warehouses?

SensMax temperature monitoring system is designed for continuous online monitoring of over the air temperature and relative humidity level in real-time using various types of temperature sensors. This system is intuitive and easy to operate, which makes it a reliable assistant, as well as helps to save time and costs associated with maintaining warehouses.

The remote monitoring system recording measurements of current indicators and collects the data automatically. The actual temperature and humidity conditions displaying in detailed online reports for each sensor. You will get notifications for any changes in the set of parameters both by e-mail and Telegram. 
For different categories of goods, it is necessary to observe different temperature conditions and humidity levels. Improper storage of grocery products, household chemicals, pharmaceuticals, spareparts, etc. can lead, at least to damage the goods and financial losses. The SensMax temperature and humidity monitoring system will help you to track actual environment parameters and react to changes before problems arise.

What do you get using the SensMax monitoring system?

  • Automated temperature and humidity monitoring system, which will significantly save money and time. The system is user friendly and intuitive without special training. 
  • Round-the-clock monitoring and centralized reporting system - wherever you are, you can always control the situation in the warehouse if you have Internet access.
  • Timely detection of deviations - you will always be aware of changes in temperature and humidity parameters in real-time. If something changes you will receive free notifications as soon as the sensor detects that the temperature is out of range.
  • Fast and easy installation. Wireless sensors can be easily installed at the required temperature and humidity measurement points. You can always add new devices if it is necessary.

Get more details of each type of sensors of the SensMax monitoring system here:

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