How to count people using a digital door counter?

Door entry counters enable business owners to count people entering through the door. The devices are installed at the entrances near the door, and they count people when they are entering and leaving. Digital door counter technology has proven effective in many business sectors around the world.

Business owners recognized the importance of counting people back in the days when the technology was not advanced enough to provide digital door traffic counter for retail. Employees stood outside and clicked devices every time a person entered and this inefficient and waste of human resource because busy hours always compromised the accuracy.

Modern door counters are digital and they are more accurate than the old counting systems. With the digital door counter, you can count people with an accuracy of up to 99%. A transmitter and a receiver are installed near the door that reflects a horizontal infrared beam across the entrance. 

Whenever someone walks in, the beam is interrupted and a tick is recorded by the door entry counter. Then the people counting data is sent via WIFI or LAN to software for analysis. 

Using a digital door traffic counter for retail provides you with information that helps you in optimizing your staff, measuring marketing success, determining sales conversion rate, and scheduling time for maintenance. Optimize operational efficiency evaluating your success to identify and create more opportunities for growth.

Digital door counter works with features like:

•    Up to 99% counting accuracy.
•    Good performance in tough conditions.
•    Advanced infrared ray beam technology.
•    Easy to retrieve and analyze people counting data with software.
•    Easy installation with a simple configuration.
•    Wireless and sends information via WIFI or LAN.
•    Comes with privacy-protective features.

How to count people using a digital door counter

How to count people using a digital door counter?

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