How to count people in toilets?

The use of people counters for toilets in counting people in toilet is becoming more popular recently due to the pandemic. It helps public centers such as; schools, malls, museums, airports etc. to identify trends and crucial statistics. The people count in toilet enable public paces to plan how cleaning activities will be carried out safely by analyzing obtained visitors’ statistics such as hourly, daily, weekly or monthly people traffic in pace.

How People Flow Analysis Toilet Is Done?
The people flow analysis for toilet starts with counting people in toilet which can be done by placing people counters for toilet in strategic locations in other to obtain required data for performing analysis.
The raw data obtained and analyzed enable managers to make informed decisions in other to protect the health of the general public.

The analysis enables you to:
•    Know the total number of people within a particular area.
•    Improve the performance of toilets.
•    Keep the general public safe and healthy.


Why use Infrared People Counters in Toilets?
The infrared people counters are perfect for people count in toilet due to their accuracy, making it more reliable.

Here are some advantages of using the infrared people counters:
•    Wireless Sensors: They make use of wireless sensors, thereby making it easy to use.
•    Real Time Data: These devices provide you with real-time people counting data for performing people flow analysis for toilets.

You could choose to use several options when it comes to people count device in other to determine the number of people in toilet, but keep in mind that the infrared people counter provide you with highly accurate data which enable you to achieve better performance.
You can find detailed solution description here.

People counters for toilet

How to count people in toilets?

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