Footfall analytics. How to Count People?

The fancy way of counting people who come to your store with the use of footfall counting machines is called footfall analytics. The best way to count people is to use all the available footfall counting machines.


The best way to count people is to use all the available footfall counting machines. You set up the footfall traffic counter in specific areas that you want to count people and the device will create an invisible line. When someone will cross the line, the device will detect it. Then the device will send it to software via the internet for analysis.

The best footfall counters for retail stores that you can count people with is infrared people counter.
An invisible line of infrared beam counts people by a receiver and a transmitter that are installed opposite each other whenever a visitor crosses the beam. 




All you have to do is sit back and relax and your footfall traffic flow visualization process will be done automatically providing you with all the information you need to upgrade your business and boost sales.

•    Highly accurate and providesup to 99% counting accuracy.
•    Wireless sensors.
•    Easy and fast to plug and play.
•    Simple configuration and installation.
•    Privacy protective features.
•    Automated and centralized reporting.

Infrared footfall traffic counters continue footfall traffic flow visualization every second very accurately and provide valid and reliable information that tells you the health of your business. They are cost-efficient and yet give you the best performance as footfall counters for retail. These footfall counters for retail are wireless and best for getting rich online and offline reports with a super easy and fast installation system.

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