Customer Feedback Collection with SensMax Wireless Loyalty Buttons

We understand the value of customer feedback in shaping exceptional experiences. Introducing our innovative range of Loyalty Buttons, each model crafted with unique connectivity ranges and options for standard or real-time data updates.


Wireless Sensor with Smiley Faces

SensMax offers a wireless sensor adorned with smiley faces that operate seamlessly on battery power, ensuring convenience in its placement. The simplicity of its design conceals a powerful mechanism for gathering valuable insights from your customers.

Interactive Feedback Process

Enhance customer engagement by adding a printed question to the button. Customers can effortlessly leave feedback by pressing one of the smiley icons on the sensor, indicating their satisfaction level—whether it's a thumbs up for excellent, a neutral face for average, or a frowning face for areas needing improvement.

Efficient Data Transmission

The sensor records this valuable feedback and efficiently transmits the data to a data gateway. The data gateway is connected to an internet router via a LAN cable or Wifi connection

Comprehensive Cloud Reporting Portal

Accessing and analyzing customer feedback has never been easier. The data gathered is delivered to our cloud reporting portal, offering a suite of functionalities:

  • Online viewing of reports
  • Scheduling reports to be sent via email
  • Saving reports as PDF files
  • Exporting data via API for seamless integration with third-party systems

Make informed decisions, track trends, and elevate your customer satisfaction initiatives with the comprehensive insights provided by our Loyalty Buttons and cloud reporting portal.

Ready to revolutionize your customer feedback process? Contact us today.

Customer Feedback Collection with SensMax Wireless Loyalty Buttons
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