Brackets for sensors

Brackets for sensors
  • Enclosure :
    Strong plexiglas brackets
  • Additional:
    L-type, I-type, V-type
  • Devices supported:
    Wireless sensors SensMax S1 and SensMax D3

Brackets for sensors SensMax S1 and SensMax D3.

Bracket I-type 10 EUR | Bracket L-type 10 EUR | Bracket V-type 15 EUR | Bracket V-type R 20 EUR*
*The prices specified without VAT, import taxes, shipping, and customs clearance costs, if any of them applicable.

Durable plexiglas brackets for SensMax S1 and SensMax D3 sensors. The brackets made from durable plexiglas material and withstand significant loads. We recommend fixing brackets to any surface using strong adhesive tape.

Please note that L-type brackets are in people counting sensor kit by default. You can order I-type or V-type brackets additionally.

There are three types of brackets:

V-type Plastic BracketV-type Plastic Bracket. Rotating angle bracket 0°-180° for people counting sensors 
I-type Plastic BracketI-type Plastic Bracket. Flat bracket for people counting sensors.
L-type Plastic Bracket

L-type Plastic Bracket. Corner 90 degrees bracket for people counting sensors.














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