People counting software

Live report
Realtime online report to see the number of visitors on-premises with an option to set allowed limit and customize on-screen notification.
Go Stop report
Realtime GO-STOP report to control or limit people traffic entering premises. Crucial report for occupancy control in premises.
Occupancy report
Online occupancy report for retail stores and other premises. It shows the number of visitors inside the room and occupancy history.
First-last intersection report
Online people counting software report showing first and last visitor timestamp. This report is useful for checking retail store opening and closing time.
Visitors count report (line chart)
Online report for retail traffic flow visualization and analysis. The report shows the trend-line of visitors qty per selected period of time.
Visitors count report (bar chart)
Online retail traffic flow analysis report showing a number of visitors on premises displayed in bar charts per selected period of time.
The ratio of visitors report
Online report for retail traffic structure visualization in percentage distribution among selected retail stores. The information displayed in the pie chart.
Rating of retail stores online report
Rating of retail stores sorted by visitors amount per store in descending sorting.
People traffic comparison report
People traffic summary report for comparison of people traffic statistics.
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