Wireless alarm system for museums and art galleries

Wireless alarm system for museums and art galleries


SensMax SensGuard museum security system for art object protection consists from wireless alarm sensors, security alarm collector and security system control key-chain to arm or disarm security sensors. Wireless alarm sensors are one peace, small and standalone devices that uses innovative optometric object control technology. It makes them protected from any cheating using strong magnet (as it can be done with magnetic sensors).


Wireless alarm system sensors are very easy to install without any cabling works, as well as it is easy to uninstall sensors in case of temporary installation. You need to stick security sensor towards the object and that’s all. Wireless security sensors work at distance of 2-3 cm from object. It makes installation very convenient and easy. 

Battery life for wireless security sensors is 5+ years so you can be sure that it will work for a long time for regular or temporary installation. Any movement of object or sensor itself will cause 90dB loud sound alarm at alarm collector and local buzzer (optional), as well as you will see light indication of alarm zone at the collector. 

How it works

SensMax SensGuard museum security system wireless alarm sensors should be sticked towards control object at distance of 2-3 cm. Security sensor using optometric object control technology and detects any movement of it or sensor itself.

Any violation displayed at alarm collector by lighting alarm zone as well as by giving 90 dB loud sound alarm. It can control up to 200 sensors splitted in 10 zones in range of 150 m. Remote control key-chain used to enable or disable alarm.


You can setup access levels per each key-chain and alarm zone. The key-chain disable alarm for dedicated zone. After pressing alarm disable button you can move one object without alarm, all other security sensors will be armed automatically. 

Museum security system devices communication channel is encrypted using AES-128, so it is protected form capturing or interference by 3rd party electronic devices. Museum security alarm collector can be connected to a local buzzer for louder alarm if it is necessary. 

SensMax SensGuard museum security system benefits: 

  • Wireless security sensors – standalone and elegant looking sensors with 5+ years battery life. 

  • Optometric protection – security sensors using innovative optometric object protection technology that are protected from cheating by a strong magnet as it can be in magnetic systems. 

  • Advanced alarm – alarm zone indication by light and 90dB loud alarm signal at alarm collector or external buzzer.  

  • Encrypted signal – AES-128 encryption used for radio channel protection.   

  • Long range communication – alarm collector controls up to 200 sensors in radius up to 150 m.   

  • Easy setup – plug and play devices with very easy installation.

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