Visitor counting system for a library or a museum

Visitor counting system for a library or a museum


SensMax visitor counting system is important component of library and museum daily work. Visitor counting helps to track visiting trends and to record accurate visitors amount per hour, day, week, month or year.

This information is very useful for adjusting staff work according to occupancy trends, as well as for accurate reporting for fundraising purposes. Visitor counting system helps to evaluate your promotional activities effectiveness and to choose best way how to advertise your services and generate more visitors traffic. 


How it works

There are two types of visitor counting systems designed for libraries and museums – IT infrastructure independent people counting solution and people countning system with automatic and centralized reporting. The first one is designed for non-IT environments where it is not possible to use local IT infrastructure for statistical data forwarding to the central database or there is no any IT infrastructure, in example temple-museum on a mountain or old castle. This visitor counting system consists from standalone wireless people counting sensors with internal memory for storing 250 days of people counting statistics. You can read the data by mobile data collector that supports up to 99 people counting sensors and export all statistics to any PC by connecting data collector using USB.  Wireless people counting sensors are very easy to install, you just need to stick them to all entrances or aisles you want to control and that’s all. System will start counting visitors immediately. SensMax wireless visitor counting system for libraries and museums recognized as very convenient, because you can use it totally independently of any IT infrastructure, or even any electricity connection. Wireless people counting sensors works from batteries approximately 2 years, then batteries has to be replaced, that can be done by any technical staff without any special knowledge. People counting sensors can be shipped in outdoor version in special housings that have IP65 protection. In simple words, people counting sensors will be protected from dust and rain.   


If there is a need for automatic visiting statistic collection and centralized reporting then you can use automatic wireless people counting sensors and automatic data collector connected to local area network or internet. People counting data will be delivered to your HQ automatically and sorted into various statistical, analytical and administrative reports. You are welcome to contact us to discuss your project details. Please find contact form below. 

Software & reports

Statistical data from SensMax visitors counting system is displayed in various ready to use statistical, analytical and administrative reports. All people counting reports available in different time spans - per hour, day, week, month, quarter or year. You can see sort of diagrams or switch to data tables view, as well as export all data in pdf, xls or csv data formats. 


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